The New Girlfriend / Une nouvelle amie (2014) – Trailer English Subs


The New Girlfriend / Une nouvelle amie (2014) - Trailer English Subs

Directed by : François Ozon
Produced by : Mandarin Cinéma
Genre: Fiction
French release: 05/11/2014
Production year: 2013

A young woman (Anaïs Demoustier) makes a surprising discovery about the husband (Romain Duris) of her late best friend.

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  1. The camp man-in-a-dress stereotype is so tired. I want to
    see authentic representations of trans people on screen, characters we can laugh WITH rather than AT. I'm sick of seeing trans people portrayed as the butt of jokes when they fail to 'pass' in mainstream society. This kind of humour is lazy at best, & offensive at worst. It isn't clever or witty or subversive or original. Trans people face real threats to their safety for not fitting in to gender norms – what fuels hate crime isn't something to laugh at.

    I've seen reviews saying this film is a sensitive portrayal of sexual/gender identity. It isn't. It is a cis person's caricature & it perpetuates negative stereotypes. Being gay (as Ozon the director is) doesn't necessarily mean you'll do gender issues justice.

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