Zilicus Published Tips to Select Web Based Project Management Software


As number of software vendors crowding the web based project management software market, it is becoming increasingly complicated for project teams to select the most effective tool for the organization.

DENVER, Del.June 10, 2016PRLog — ZilicusPM, the leading web based project management software platform, has published a guide to assist business buyers searching for web based project management tool. Zilicus believes that this guide will help business managers, buyers and project management professionals to select most useful and effective solutions to manage their business goals and requirements in terms of project management processes and collaboration.

There are plenty of vendors in the web based project management software market offering their own flavor of project management system. Those with simple task list management tool also claim to be offer project management system whereas some of them have simple scheduling, time tracking and document sharing features.  On the other side of the continuum there are fairly complicated, highly costly solutions that requires upfront consulting fees. The capabilities, ease of use these tools offer vary from one tool to another but since all of them considered as project management tool, it can be a daunting task for buyers to select the right tool for entire business: project managers, team members, senior management, project partners, vendors and contractors.

“Until 6-7 years ago, the project management solutions market was largely dominated by legacy systems, which had poor adoption ratio and in turn these could not deliver RoI”, said Nagin, co-founder of Zilicus. He further said, “With the new age of web based project management solution business have got power of enterprise tool without any upfront cost. The on demand solutions makes it easy for SMBs to start small and scale as they need. This has not only the game changer but also induced many vendors to jump in with their own understanding of project management. Hence this guide will greatly help business buyers to cut the clutter, save time to select the right tool. “

Zilicus does not claim to help buyers to select the best project management solution since every organization is unique in its own way, it has its own processes to manage project, communicate with stakeholders. And there cannot be one one-fit-for- all web based project management solution. But this guide will certainly help them in making the most informed and judicious decision. It will also reduce the risk of using, adopting, and paying for wrong solution. This guide will help you make the decision based on numerous factors such as

·         Assessing current project management process maturity of an organization

·         Understanding desired project management process maturity of an organization in near future

·         Listing and categorization of project management capabilities by priority

·         Considering important factors such as ease of use, performance

·         Shortlisting of web based project management systems

·         Seeing is believing – taking the trial

·         Assessing security, support, responsiveness aspects

Those interested in exploring ZilicusPM as the most effective option, can take the tour or sign up for the free trial with following link.

About Zilicus

ZilicusPM is All-In-One web based project management tool (http://zilicus.com/ ) solution that provides complete project management control for project and portfolio managers; at the same time makes it really simple for project team members to stay on top of things. Organizations who are managing projects with conventional spreadsheet/ MS Excel templates or emails, Zilicus assures, it is the right time to start using online project portfolio management software. ZilicusPM is great platform for better project collaboration. Take a project management software tourof ZilicusPM and Sign up for 30-days free trial of ZilicusPM.


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