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PRLog (Press Release)Apr. 14, 2014VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. Marc Bullard’s YouTube Marketing Manual has done all of the hard work for you. This book clearly lays out how you can increase your brand, promote your products, and gain Internet traffic. Marc Bullard reveals what to do in order to have a successful video marketing campaign on YouTube.

Ž Marc Bullard knows businesses are busy, so why waste time? Marc has scoured YouTube and found every way to squeeze as much video marketing power from this site as possible. After all, YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and owned by the worlds largest: Google. It is extremely important to use YouTube correctly in order to maximize its marketing potential.

“What sets this video marketing book apart from the rest is the training,” explains Marc Bullard, the author of YouTube Marketing Manual. He goes on to say, “It’s not just the step by step instruction, but the relevancy of the techniques that are just as important. It is more than just clicking buttons.The YouTube landscape is always changing. This book is the most up to date, comprehensive video marketing resource that is also easy to understand and effective.”

• Learn the same techniques that Internet multimillionaire Tom Antion uses with his video marketing campaigns

• The strategies in the book are extremely effective but easy to understand and implement

• The YouTube marketing techniques that are covered consist of the most recent upgrades and changes YouTube has implemented in its website.

While this is only a portion of what readers can expect to learn, topics like the following are covered in the manual:

•   video optimization

•   keyword strategies

•   social interaction

•   research tools

•   marketing techniques

•   brand awareness

•   content management

Every reader experiences the secrets and proven techniques to making money using video marketing. Marc Bullard has been recognized as an expert for his YouTube marketing expertise and has worked with thousands on how to achieve maximum results with a video marketing strategy.

As new customer, Bob Walker added. “I was born before computers – Hell, I was born before TV – and Marc’s systematic, logical approach to YouTube marketing is equally as helpful to me as it is to the young geek who runs my business computers.”

Learn more about the YouTube Marketing Manual and all it has to offer, claim your copy today! YouTube-Marketing- Manual-Businesses…

YouTube Marketing Manual is the brainchild of author and video marketing expert, Marc Bullard. He has been in the video production industry for over fifteen years and is the head instructor of the first and only independent, licensed Internet marketing training school in the country. He’s also the author of multiple books including: “Easy Web Video, More than Optimization, and Awesome Webinar Method.”

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