The internet chose a Potato over Trump as their President?


A user recently struck a debate on WarCircle asking who would make a better President? – Trump or Potato. The internet has unanimously chosen Potato putting it in the lead by 100 points. The resultant arguments trolling Trump are hilarious!

MUMBAI, IndiaJune 20, 2016PRLog — Adding to the infinite amount of trolls on Donald Trump, someone recently created a debate on an online debate platform – WarCircle, comparing Trump to a Potato for being a better fit as the President. And people have chosen Potato crushing Trump mercilessly!

This satirical debate ‘Donald Trump or Potato – Who should be the next president of USA?’ was recentlycreated by an user on WarCircle. Within a week’s time, Potato is leading at 150 points while Trump has managed to garner only 48 points. There are over 15 arguments supporting the Potato highlighting different angles on how even a Potato can serve the nation better than Mr. Trump.

You can browse through the debate and see what the users are saying on war/Who-should- be-the-next- president-of- USA-Donald-Trump- Potato-618

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About WarCircle:

WarCircle is an online debate platform where users vote for their favourite sides, voice their opinions and and help it emerge a winner! Whether is about choosing a restaurant over the other, making a purchase decision over a device or debating over a current affair; people have opinions they vouch for. WarCircle is a platform where users pick their sides, justify their stands and make it emerge a winner!


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