Task Management Made Easier By Novel Mobile App, Inspired By Renouned Management Theory


PRLog (Press Release)Feb. 2, 2014 mAssigner is a productivity improvement mobile app with key functionality as the task management to  suit team use.

This mobile app is motivated from Management theory “Who’s got the Monkey” which has been the second most popular management article ever published by the Harvard Business Review (“Management Time: Who’s got the Monkey”, by William Oncken and Donald Wass). As per this theory “Monkeys” are the tasks which you are supposed to manage and it is extremely important to ensure that you should not end up taking the tasks/monkeys of others. This mobile app shall help you to assign the task to the right owners , track them till their closure and thereby ensuring that monkeys remain with their owners only.

Besides the ownership of tasks another key challenge has been to filter out the tasks for yourself from bundles of emails. Also it has always been challenging to keep a track of the tasks which you identify in meetings or in casual discussions or you convey during phone calls etc. Failing to keep tab on such tasks impacts productivity which always lead to building up of unnecessary stress.

Mobile app market is overcrowded with apps which can be used  to manage the To-DOs but mAssigner shall be first of its kind  which shall help to manage self , received and assigned TO-DOs in a smart way and to take care of above challenges. The salient features of “mAssinger” are explained in detail in their website massinger.com which are unique and one of its kinds. The applications has  been inculcated with advanced features, such as assigning tasks based on mobile #,  2 way communication between the assigner and assignee; getting notified about the progress and completion of the tasks; Cloud synch; remind or communicate urgency; manage deadlines and tracking them till closure

To begin with, this shall be a free app on android and iOS versions using which tasks can be assigned among friends or colleagues. It shall be free as compared to its closest rival Wunderlist  Pro version which charges on per month basis. Its user experience is being claimed to be similar to our regular email experience and is being claimed far more intuitive as compared to the competitive apps.

The Launch of “mAssigners” is scheduled in end February 2014.

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