Sincro uses Cloud Computing to deliver it’s Kaizen message


DAR ES SALAAM, TanzaniaMarch 31, 2016PRLog — In what is believed to be the first such system of its kind within the field of Telecoms Managed Services Sincro Sitewatch Limited have rolled out its in – house designed virtual mechanism that sustains the company’s core principle of achieving constant improvements in performance.

The system is based on the Sincro Quality Operating Systems Manual and utilizes the Sincro Cloud to store and publish process documents that cover everything from Sheq policies to operational process instructions. In the case of health and safety directives all employees have password protected access. Technical staff are also granted access to internal publications that include specific work procedure process documents and equipment manufacturer’s technical data sheets. In this way a vast resource of Sincro’s highly developed process approaches can be accessed by the work force at the touch of a mouse from anywhere in the Sincro operational foot print  that has internet connectivity.

As part of the Kaizen approach all employees are encouraged to innovate improvements in work practices and if, for example, a Sincro Engineer discovers an improved method of preventive, predictive or corrective maintenance of a specific piece of equipment this, once approved, is immediately fed back through the quality operating system and distributed to all relevant technical staff via a works bulletin. The new improved method is then standardized and published  in the constantly updating systems manual. The virtual Kaizen system bridges the skills transfer gap in real time and forms part of the management approaches that are designed to help overcome the tyranny of distance created by having a workforce distributed over vast geographically and topographically challenging terrain.  The system is strictly controlled and security protected to ensure that authorised and suitably qualified personnel have access levels that are  appropriate to their expertise and duties.

The Sincro Cloud was first created in November 2014 as means to provide selected Sincro clients with access to manually generated reports of compliance with Service Level Agreements at critical Telecoms sites that are manned 24/7. The  manual input performed  by on-site technical staff overcomes the potential for glitches in automated systems and provides essential data and performance information in real time. This service was created as part of Sincro’s policy of ‘going the extra mile’ and always seeking to exceed contract requirements.

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