Siborg Systems Inc. is Taking LCR-Reader to Taipei’s International Electronics Show: Taitronics 2015


LCR-Reader is easily held and operated with just one hand

Small and lightweight, LCR-Reader is easily tucked into a purse or pocket

LCR-Reader quickstart guide

LCR-Reader quickstart guide

TAIPEI, TaiwanSept. 16, 2015PRLog — This year is the 41st Taitronics Trade Show, and Siborg Systems Inc. will be there to display the LCR-Reader, the most affordable model in the Smart Tweezers family of LCR-meters.

Taitronics is Taiwan’s annual trade show for consumer and industry electronics; with companies from across the globe showing their products in sectors such as; LED lighting and applications, batteries, cells and power supplies, industrial process and automation equipment, active and passive components, meters and instruments, consumer electronics, cloud tech, electrical energy and more.

“We think that the LCR-Reader will gain a lot of attention at Taitronics this year,” says Michael Obrecht, the Director at Siborg Systems Inc. “The Smart Tweezers line has been steadily inducted into the Asian markets, and it will be a good fit among the other products shown at Taitronics. We hope that this show will further the LCR-Reader’s popularity with the tech industry.”

LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers are fully automatic LCR-meters that only require one hand to operate. The design combines an LCR-meter and a set of gold-plated tweezers that can easily grasp and hold all types of components, even those on crowded PCBs. When in contact with a component, the device will determine the type of component and measure accordingly for L, C, R and ESR; all measurement values, secondary values, type of component and test parameters are instantly displayed on the OLED screen.

The LCR-Reader is the most affordable option, retailing for less than 200 USD. This model is essentially a stripped down version of Smart Tweezers with fewer features while still retaining the functionality and high basic accuracy. The LCR-Reader has a basic accuracy of 1%, a 1 oz. weight, and fully automatic measurements. The LCR-Reader does not have features such as: offset subtraction, component sorting or diode/continuity testing, nor does it come with a calibration certificate.

Siborg is excited to show all the LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers have to offer at Taitronics.

Come visit us at Taitronics, booth J0301!

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