SalesLyft and HumansFirst Technology Partner to provide Natural Language Technology and Sales Enablement to Leading Brands


They are forming a partnership to integrate their technologies to provide “voice to sales” enablement.

CHANDLER, Ariz.June 5, 2016PRLog — HumansFirst Technology, a leader in natural language mapping and SalesLyft the SaaS leader in sales and monetization enablement services, announced that they are forming a partnership to integrate their technologies to provide “voice to sales” enablement.

Gregory Goehner, Co-Founder commented, “We’re excited to provide our ‘talk and touch’ ColdSmoke™ technology for SalesLyft users to complete transactions quickly and accurately. Our technology combines the intuitiveness of natural language, mapped to the systems that drive modern commerce (shopping cart platforms, databases and payment processing).”

Scott Jonasz, SalesLyft CEO added, “As the SaaS leader in monetization enablement we must continually invest and incorporate technologies into our ecosystem that will enhance our client’s ability to make money – integrating ColdSmoke into our Logix platform represents a huge advancement and advantage for our clients – monetizing their products, services, and solutions at the speed of speech”

About SalesLyft

SalesLyft, provides a cloud-based, SaaS platform that enables the marketing, sale, and monetization of any product, service, or solution – within a few clicks.  SalesLyft’s Logix Enablement platform provides a comprehensive business management and integrated monetization acceleration system, eliminating the need for multiple SaaS Platforms, systems, and personnel to manage them.  The platform is deployable anywhere, and accessible from any device, for more information, visit

About HumansFirst Technology and the HER Shopping App

ColdSmoke™ is a patent pending SaaS platform for mapping natural language to web services APIs. Built on Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, HumansFirst has created the ColdSmoke™ platform and has made available a Software Developer Kit (SDK) to quickly bring new NLP-based apps to market.

Our co-founders hold 18 patents in biometrics, wireless payment technologies and have clearance with the National Security Agency. In short, our technology enables your voice to the Internet of Things.

Retailers and technology partners are encouraged to visit http://humans-

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