RST Cloud launches free live demo


RIGA, LatviaJuly 6, 2016PRLog — RST Cloud SIA is pleased to announce the launch of a new live demo for users to test our web log analysis service.

“The demo access allows users to try out solution features and get real user experience before making any purchasing decisions,” said co-founder Yury Sergeev. RST Cloud is focused on web server log files analysis and based on machine learning technologies. “Using our expertise, our customers can get insights about security, IT and SEO aspects of their website’s functioning and simplify and automate web log analysis,” added Yury Sergeev.

The service delivers actionable visualization and anomaly detection, enriches your data with analytics and trends, centrally manages all your website logs in one place. Also, RST Cloud is designed for crawler behaviour and user activity monitoring and for discovering new points of SEO improvements. Therefore, it helps you to determine how to increase conversion rate and improve sales performance.

The live demo site is available for access at:

For more information, please feel free to contact us at


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