Quick Pick Movers have been the victims of a customer Pretending to be Deaf and in need of Help


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I will like know if you will be available to move my furniture from my old house to my new home, also like know if you can charge my credit card for payment. Please Confirm for me if you have facilities for this so I can give you more details on work. Reply via my email a soon

Quick Pick Movers

Hi George,
Of course we can help you to move house and we accept credit card payments.
We need further information so we can give you the correct service and quote. Give us a call on the numbers below when you are ready to discusss.
Office Administration

Thank for your reply

I want to get my furniture move from my old house to my new home which include 3 mattresses, dinning set, a chest freezer, two carpets, home theatre unit, coffee table,  two TV set, low-line tv cabinet. All this items have been contained in my lounge area for quick access.. Also am buying some items on garage sales which would be deliver to my old address so you can move all at once, items are lounge (1 x three seater ,1 x two seater and 2 x single seater), hall stand, bookshelf, kitchen table, fridge, king mattress & base.
I am hearing impaired and I am at the hospital right now will undergo a surgery so this is the best way to communicate. My cousin would be present at pick up address to see you through on the date you would be moving items. My Pickup Address is 48 Kilcunda Dr, Rowville VIC 3178, and my Delivery Address is 14 Giles St, Mirboo North VIC 3871,
I will finalize arrangement with the seller soon so they can deliver to address you would pick up all items. So I would update you on date you would be at address to move furniture
Let me know now your estimated cost for moving and required deposit for the work and i will be giving you my credit card details to charge for amount.
Hope for the best of your service as I await your prompt response.

Quick Pick Movers

Hi George,
Thank-You for the information.
Your quote about the service you have requested is $ 119 an hour includes GST  (Monday to Friday / Ground Level Properties)
This service is for two men and 5 Tonne Truck. ( 5 Tonne Truck fits 39m3 )

Thats how it starts and after……
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