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HOUSTONJune 9, 2016PRLog — Today opvizor announced a significant new release, opvizor Performance Analyzer 3.0 of their virtual Datacenter product portfolio.  The latest release provides a flexible dashboard engine including dozens of different focused dashboards that enables full-stack performance analysis for the virtual data center.

“Our customers often request the addition of real-time performance and statistics to Health Analyzer. But Health Analyzer was designed for predictive analytics and deep health checking, not real-time business.  Therefore, we’re proud to release our Performance Analyzer 3.0 that supports real time performance analysis through the full stack, from NetApp filer or Datacore Storage System to VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V and Docker or Microsoft SQL.  This is all done using a highly flexible Dashboard Engine,” said Dennis Zimmer, CEO – opvizor.

Administrators often have to employ a variety of products to view and gather key KPIs.  Performance Analyzer 3.0 is a game changer – the software compiles data from a variety of datacenter components, including time series data, unstructured data streams, and configuration data.  It then unifies the data into one layout, providing end-to-end visibility for the user.

“Our customers love the fact that they can customize their view to see the needed performance metrics and statistics and tweak accordingly for Support, System administration or IT Management. This enables major incident reduction!  You can now see the most important KPIs in one Dashboard instead of switching between 10 different products to gather and merge them,” Zimmer said.

The updated solution provides insights and value at each level of the stack simultaneously:  at the performance level, anomalies can be detected, at the log level, failures can be prevented and at the configuration level, the foundation can be optimized.  The transparency at each level empowers the user and keeps the virtual environment running smoothly.

Opvizor Performance Analyzer 3.0 is revolutionary and unique in its ability to enable users to see performance metrics and statistics about the full virtual datacenter stack in one dashboard.

Fully customizable with endless integration potential. We already support:  ​

VMware vSphere, VMware vCenter Appliance (VCSA), Microsoft Hyper-V, NetApp Docker, Linux and Windows Guests, Datacore, Microsoft SQL many more…

For more information on how to get the latest version, just register here: http://try.opvizor.com/ perfanalyzer/

·     opvizor website
·     Evaluate Performance Analyzer for vSphere: http://try.opvizor.com/ perfanalyzer/

Product Video – VMware VM performance: https://vimeo.com/ 165686351

About Opvizor

Opvizor provides solutions that offer deep insight into your VMware environment, automating both the discovery of issues and their solutions.  The flagship product, opvizor Health Analyzer, enables users to control every detail of their virtualized vSphere network with highly accurate, real-time monitoring and support tools.  The solution provides a one-stop, turn-key, easy-to-use product that maintains VMware infrastructure at its peak.

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