Only in Miami Show presents #VenezuelaSOS Webcast 7pm on Sunday Night Feb 23rd


JJ Rendon, political consultant

PRLog (Press Release)Feb. 21, 2014MIAMI The Only in Miami show is hosted by Grant Stern, and dedicated to featuring people of relevance in Miami whose reach extends beyond Miami, as well as current affairs that are locally relevant.

The Only in Miami Show is a 2 hour weekly broadcast from 7-9pm on Monday nights aired on Miami’s Bloomberg News station 880am The Biz radio.

This Monday night, February 24th at 7pm, we will play the #VenezuelaSOS special during the first hour of the Only in Miami Show radio broadcast.

The show’s hashtag channel is #OnlyinMiami.  The hashtag #VenezuelaSOS is trending in Miami on Twitter, so we chose it for our show’s title.

Our aim, is to provide programming that any journalist might need to intelligently analyze and report on Venezuela’s situation. This broadcast will become open source information via direct to YouTube broadcasting.

Venezuela is culturally unique in the region – if not the world – which contributes to a lack of proper media coverage.  The english language media may be unfamiliar with the real issues confronting Venezuela such as runaway inflation, food and basic commodities shortages and dire lack of personal safety.

The recent suspension of Venezuelans’ Human Rights by the Maduro regime eliminates Freedom of Speech, Press and Assembly by a brutal suppression of those petitioning their government.

Venezuelan expatriate Juan Jose Rendon, founder of political strategy firm JJ Rendon & Associates, has confirmed a live studio interview appearance on #VenezuelaSOS.

Former Venezuelan Energy Minister Erwin Arieta Valera ( 2.html) who was dismissed from his position by Hugo Chavez in 1998 will also appear for a live studio interview.

The broadcast will feature phone in interviews with ( 20) reporter George Soules ( soules0) outside of Caracas and others inside the capital.  Prominent Venezuelan-American Ernesto Sosa from the Board of Directors for #Latism online movement will appear in a pre-recorded interview.

“Current events in Venezuela lack quality English language coverage in part due the language barrier.” says Grant Stern, producer and host of the Only in Miami Show, “Extra-legal detentions, like the Venezuelan government’s recent arrest of the Miami Herald’s Jim Wyss send a clear message to journalists – stay away or fear for your life.”

Find out more about the Only in Miami Show at or on twitter @onlyinmiamishow ( onlyinmiamishow) – contact Grant Stern ( grantstern) via phone 786-220-0117 or email grant @

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