Online OCR is Available with New Docs.Zone Service


MINSK, BelarusJune 21, 2016PRLogInverse Metric LLC releases a new online optical character recognition service, Docs.Zone. Powered by the best open source OCR technologies and innovative OCR engine developed in-house by the company, Docs.Zone delivers fast and accurate recognition and PDF conversion for an affordable price.

The growing demand in standalone online PDF conversion is hardly satisfied with current solutions. Either limited in functions or requiring a downloadable client to work, they simply cannot provide reliable OCR beyond the most typical tasks.

In this, a new solution offered by Inverse Metric is different. Docs.Zone, an online service to recognize and convert PDF documents and images to editable formatted text, delivers easy PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to image conversions as well as pure OCR functions and ability to convert virtually any document to PDF. The service encompasses best open source software and own inventions of the company for the most efficient OCR technology able to process complex formatting and layout of documents with minimum errors.

The online service takes an input of .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .rtf, .gif, .jpg or other document format and converts it to PDF carefully rendering every element of the source file. Apart from this, the service also does conversion in opposite direction and can combine PDF files of any size and structure.

Such flexibility of Docs.Zone opens up great document editing opportunities and makes it easier to share and exchange documents in various formats using PDF as the medium. And thanks to the affordable fee, Docs.Zone is easily a decent OCR service to consider for any document-intensive works.

Pricing and availability

As an online solution, Docs.Zone service is available on all platforms and does not need to install any client software, libraries or browser addons. The service offers two billing plans: monthly ($ 10/month) and annual ($ 60/year) with equal capabilities.


Inverse Metric LLC develops SaaS solutions for home and corporate use since 2015. The company focuses on OCR technologies and products with its own OCR engine and a range of adopted third-party technologies.


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