OneTraction Select Finalists for Virtual Reality (VR/AR) Hackathon


SAN FRANCISCOJuly 26, 2016PRLog — OneTraction Select Finalists for Virtual Reality (VR/AR) Hackathon,

By OneTraction Media Relations

July 26, 2016

San Francisco, CA – OneTraction, a Silicon Valley-based Open Innovation Accelerator announced the
selection of finalists for their last weekend Global Hackathon, hosted virtually with the opening reception  organized in San Francisco which was sold out and attended by prominent investors, press and guests observer including Harvard, MIT, IEEE, Stanford, Apple and much more. The top winners are:

1) – Dr. Mickey Ferri of EnfluxVR which provide fitness users with an easy way to track their bodies movement in VR. First ever motion tracking clothing at consumer prices, machine washable, Lululemon-like shirt and pants, with blue-tooth wireless and battery/USB rechargeable. Enable artificial intelligence managed care, whose purpose is to increase healthcare quality and reduce errors among large and small providers. The team are based in SF Bay Area and led by Doug Hoang a Y Combinator graduate and Dr. Mickey a Chicago University graduate. Read more about their innovation here ( )

2) –  Ed Zapanta provides an augmented reality “hologram” for AR/VR market. One of its application is a “guided meditation” hologram app for wellness market, people who are stressed out from work and needs to relax and wind down. Ed got a high mark during the opening when he demonstrated his innovation through an impressive demo/proof-of- concepts. The team are based in SF Bay Area, and led by co-founder Ed, who worked at Samsung, Cisco, P&G and has an impressive portfolio of US patents, both approved and pending. Read more about their innovation by visiting their linkedin profile.

3) –  Tolen is an iOS app of basically an augmented reality online review market. Currently we are focusing only on restaurants, because this product is a modular app it can suit other business needs as well – ranging from fashion, furniture…basically anything that can be scanned with our 3D technologies. Initially we are offering 360 views of the entire restaurant experience from venue to dish etc. Tolen currently offers a clickable menu of the restaurant to view 3D model holograms associated with the restaurant dishes using a 4-sided prism. The team are based in SF Bay Area, and led by Marika Lee a Software engineer and Boston University graduate, along Danny Lam and Jeff Zhang who are both 3D modeler and software engineer. Read more about their innovation here ( MarikaLee1/tolen- pitch-deck)

OneTraction’s disruptive approach focus on guided execution where founders contribute incrementally on a weekly basis in building their business “not just funding” by taking startups through the stages of building an MVP with validated market fit, gaining traction, and obtaining angel round financing. They offer their program both virtually and at their partner’s office space in the heart of Silicon Valley, located a few minutes from the Stanford University campus and Sand Hill Road Top Venture Capitalists. Their unique approach extends to startups not just on-site but globally. Active startups are located across the United States, Canada, France, UK, Germany, and Italy with new finalists extending throughout Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia and MENA.

About US: OneTraction’ in-house team is comprised of startup experts with multiple successful exits each. They hail from top schools including Harvard, Stanford and MIT, along their mentor network of nearly 300 experts from across the United States, Canada, EU and Asia which is the largest Ivy school educated mentors network offered by any accelerator in Silicon Valley. Summer batch round is open for sign up until July 31, 2016. Interested parties can apply by visiting for more information. Interested founders, investors and partners are welcome to visit One Traction’s events page for upcoming Hackathons scheduled at top University and partner’s venue across the US, here: o/onetraction- 7052835663


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