Introducing recessed optical fibre patch panel by MCL Data Solutions. UK made


MCL Data Solutions FOPP recessed fibre optic patch panel are designed for datacenters, telecom rooms, and media racks. These 1U 19″ Rack mount 24 port optical fibre coupler patch panel with rear cable management.

FOPP and FOPPM fibre patch panel

SOUTHEND, U.K.July 6, 2016PRLog — There are two formats of the 1U fibre presentation patch panel that provides a Low cost fibre cable management coupler thru solution. Ideal for datacenters, telecom rooms, and media racks. The standard recessed fibre patch panel and Angled Fibre Patch Panel with a management tray. The 1U fibre presentation panels provide a cost effective, flexible cable management solution.

Recessed Fibre Optic Patch Panel (FOPP),1U 19″ Rack mount 24 port with rear cable management. The 1U Fibre Presentation Panel provides a Low cost fibre cable patch only solution.

Angled bulkhead presentation panel (FOPPM) improve fibre patch cable management, as well as minimising the risk of exposure to any potentially hazardous laser radiation. Front cable management has an integral patch cord support tray providing easy patch cord access and cable protection. Labelling & port identification is provided on the front of the patchcord support tray A laser warning sign located on the front panel alerts users to the fact that hazardous laser radiation may be present on the panel or contained therein. The rear cable management comprises a cable support tie bar to minimise strain on the cable boot and provides a tie off point for cables.

There are a number of adaptor options available in the range, including FC, ST, SC and E2000 with 12 connectors per bulkhead panel.(Maximum capacity 24 way) Expansion bulkhead adaptor panels enable reduced stock holding and mixed connector types per panel.

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