Guest Appearance Talk Show Request: Bringing UNITY against RACIAL DIVIDE


“Love Different” stars Jenn Gotzon and Anthony Hackett use movie to discuss WHY… White and Black people FEAR each other.

NEW YORKJuly 13, 2016PRLog — In wake of racial hatred spawning across our nation, Jenn Gotzon and Anthony Hackett, stars of “Love Different” are making themselves available to provide strategy for audience healing.

“Love Different,” multi-audience choice winning comedy, is trending and breaking sales records in VOD bc of it’s subject matter… bridging racial harmony.

Would your program like to open a conversation WHY (white, black, all races) people fear (subconsciously) the other race and discuss strategy on how to better love one another.

Writer-director- actor Anthony Hackett and award-winning actress Jenn Gotzon will be in NYC this Friday appearing on a few talkshows.

Please Note:
This isn’t a promotion for the film. Its using the film as a platform to hold this conversation to help heal the fabric of our nation.

Please contact IMMEDIATELY to schedule them nationwide.

NOTE: Ms. Gotzon resides in NYC and Mr. Hackett resides in Baltimore, MD.

Jenn Gotzon is an award-winning actress who portrayed historical characters in two Oscar-Nominated Films “Frost/Nixon” and “Alone Yet Not Alone” and leading lady of uplifting movies globally. JennGotzon

Anthony Hackett is an award-winning filmmaker with a heart to encourage audiences to find hope through the movies he produces and stars.


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