Golden Gate BPO Solutions Continues to Grow its Global Footprint and Capabilities


PRLog (Press Release)Apr. 2, 2014WESTON, Fla. Golden Gate BPO Solutions Continues to Grow its Global Footprint and Capabilities With a New Multi-Channel Contact Center in Hermosillo, Mexico

Weston, Florida, April 2, 2014 – Golden Gate BPO Solutions (“Golden Gate BPO”), a global provider of customer management and business process outsourcing solutions, has added a state-of-the- art multi-channel contact center with a current capacity of 550 workstations, scalable to 1,000 workstations, in Hermosillo, Mexico.

Golden Gate BPO’s expansion into Hermosillo comes via an operating partnership with Listen Up Español (“LUE”), a company who entered the region in 2006 with a primary focus on serving the U.S. Hispanic market through Spanish language online marketing and direct response industry sales and support services.

In addition to leveraging LUE’s current shared services capabilities, Golden Gate BPO has spearheaded the creation of a dedicated services division, focusing on the company’s expansion into high quality English and Spanish inbound customer service, technical support and sales – handling calls, emails and web-chats originating in the United States. Golden Gate BPO has been working closely with LUE management on strategic planning, enhancing corporate governance and adjusting its operational best practices related to the launch of a dedicated services division.

Golden Gate BPO Managing Partner, Stephen Ferber ( stephen-ferber/ ), said, “The combination of Hermosillo being an excellent nearshore location with such a highly educated and motivated bi-lingual workforce, LUE’s experience handling an incredibly wide mix of complex call types, and its ability to manage unpredictable, spiky and seasonal volumes provides us with the perfect backbone to roll out our multi-channel dedicated services division. The sales culture that has been built at LUE over the last 8 years will also be a big competitive advantage for many of our clients and programs.”

Hermosillo, “The Sun City,” is Mexico’s 16th largest city, with over 715,000 residents and a bi-lingual labor force of more than 230,000. Hermosillo is located in the northwestern Mexican state of Sonora, is less than 240 miles directly south of Tucson, Arizona and just 170 miles from the US boarder. Being located in such close proximity to the United States, a majority of the workforce in Hermosillo has a very strong cultural affinity with Americans, as many people take frequent trips to the United States to shop, vacation or simply take in a concert or sports event. Residents of Hermosillo have access to many of the same stores and restaurants available in the US, such as Starbucks, Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Subway and many others. Professional Baseball is a very popular sport and the Naranjeros, Hermosillo’s team, attracts a nice size fan base. Over 15 universities are located in the Hermosillo area, a big reason why the workforce is highly educated and motivated to learn.

Founded in 2006, Golden Gate BPO Solution ( our-approach/ )s provides multi-channel contact center, customer engagement and business process outsourcing services on behalf of its clients. Our customer engagement centers are located in the United States, Dominican Republic, Belize, Mexico, Philippines, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom and Ireland, from which we offer multi-lingual voice, email, web chat, social media, back-office, online help desk and automated support.

In addition, we provide consultative services ( strategic-consulting/ ) for many clients spanning business and operational improvement and restructurings, financial analysis and planning, technology procurement and implementation, and sales, marketing and brand enhancement.

Golden Gate BPO Solutions helps organizations to define and produce extraordinary customer engagement strategies and business results. Our work provides increased customer loyalty and superior results for our clients.

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