FindYogi Launches Comprehensive Buying Decision Platform For Cameras


PRLog (Press Release)Jan. 9, 2014 ( , an intelligent platform for making buying decisions, has launched the cameras catalogue ( cameras). On the launch, the site catalogues 18+ brands and product offers from 15+ ecommerce sites. The data and comparison features on FindYogi is the most comprehensive for buying cameras in India.

FindYogi had last launched the laptops catalogue in September last year. The web application helps make decision making easier by cutting through all the technical jargons and quantifying every product under the Feature Score. Additionally, the application uses proprietary data analysis system to suggest if the current price of a product is justified as compared to peers.

Naman Sarawagi, CEO of FindYogi said, “We have been focusing on monetization for some time and hence a new category after a long time. We saw some tremendous growth after the launch of laptops catalogue. Hopefully, that growth will accelerate with the camera buyers turning towards FindYogi.”

The camera category has been launched with a catalogue of about 450 products across Point & Shoot, DSLR Cameras and Camcorders. These products are analysed for over 70 technical specification points. The next step will be to analyse lenses that come bundled with the high end cameras.

Naman Sarawagi further added, “The compact cameras are getting replaced by camera phones but there is a new interest in DSLRs. Most first time consumers end up buying the cheapest SLR camera, that’s just a safe bet not really wise. We hope FindYogi can change that.”

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