ExecRank is Now Largest Global Board Recruitment Company


More Than 5,500 Companies Now Use the ExecRank Platform to Find Advisors and Board Members

NOVATO, Calif.June 17, 2016PRLog — (BUSINESS WIRE) ExecRank, the leading platform for advisors and board members, announced today a record 5,503 companies now use its platform to source executives, making ExecRank the largest board recruitment company in the world.

ExecRank is disrupting traditional search by making it free for companies to find advisors and board members, thus expanding the market to millions of businesses who cannot afford traditional search firms, as well as giving public companies a no-cost recruitment asset. Clients range from startups and private businesses to large public companies. Executives pay a nominal monthly fee to apply to available positions, and gain additional access to executive branding opportunities, elite networking and other professional advancement resources.

“Today is an important milestone for ExecRank, proving that our model is rapidly expanding the market for companies seeking board members and advisors, and providing unprecedented opportunities for our executive members to find and land board seats,” said ExecRank Chairman & CEO Jonathan Aspatore. “While we have tremendous respect for the traditional search firms, we are excited to be expanding the market and pioneering a new model that we believe will be the future of the industry.”


ExecRank is revolutionizing how the 240 million companies in the world connect with advisors and board members. Through our global marketplace, executives search and apply to the largest curated collection of advisory and board opportunities available anywhere, sourced exclusively by ExecRank. Every 4 minutes a new company or executive joins ExecRank, the largest global marketplace for advisors and board members.

For more information, please call 415-578-7426 (tel:415-578- 7426) or visit www.execrank.com.

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