Ecosmob Technologies Showcased WebRTC Client Solution on Asterisk Specific Website


PRLogJuly 8, 2015AHMEDABAD, India Ecosmob Technologies has always been on the forefront to identify the peculiarity of any technology and come up with the advanced and innovative solutions. The webRTC client solution is one of such solutions invented and introduced by the company. To give detailed information about the solution, the company has added a specific webpage of “WebRTC Client Solution” on the Asterisk specific website of the company. The webpage is added under the solution section. It is providing the information about the solution, its features and benefits accrued from it to the prospects or clients. The webpage will not only help the visitors to understand the solution, but also aid their decision making by providing the precise details of the software.

WebRTC client software is a scalable, reliable and robust solution. It can work as a web based phone which strengthen the communication with its advanced features. The intention of highlighting it on their asterisk specific website is that they want their visitors to be aware of this next generation solution. The company also abides to the variable nature of the businesses and is ready to provide the custom development services for the stated solution by keeping the current requirement and future scope of the company in mind.

“We always look forward to provide the advanced solutions and software in the VoIP industry. We make sure to give the pro-active demo to the prospects so they can understand the solution or product with all the details. We always be there with the client in the deployment accompanied by the after-sale support to assure the smooth deployment and working of the solution on the client side.”, stated the spokesperson of the Ecosmob Technologies.

The WebRTC Client Solution is furnished with many advanced features such as,
Voice Calling
Calling with video features
Sharing of the screen
Sharing of data

It can be used for internal as well as external communication with added features to make communication more effective and efficient. The USP of the WebRTC Client Solution is that one may get rid of the bulky hardware and buggy addons. The software is completely web-based solution which doesn’t require any extra hardware, software or plugins. It can work fine with ease on any WebRTC enabled web browser like Chrome. Moreover, same as other solutions of the family, the webRTC client solution has very easy to understand and use GUI based Interface which makes it perfect to use for any small to large business.

To know more about the solution, visit webrtcphone- solution

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