Ecosmob Technologies Launched Big Data Services


Ecosmob Technologies announced to offer a wide range of services in the big data sector. The company will cater the international clients looking for expert consultancy and other services in the big data.

AHMEDABAD, IndiaJune 1, 2016PRLog — Ecosmob Technologies is an Indian company, which has made its name in the different arenas of the IT company. The company has been offering different IT services for more than 7 years. The company’s operating office is situated Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The spokesperson of the company has made an announcement of their newly launched services in the big data sector.

“We have always been early adopters of new technologies and trends. As you might be knowing, we were one of the early adopters of the WebRTC technology. This time we have adopted the Big Data segment of the industry. We have launched the professional services of Big Data. Our offerings include simple to advanced services and solution in the big data area.”, shared the spokesperson of the company.

The big data services offered by the company involve the complete range of services, which starts from offering the consultancy services and touch every area of your organization to ensure that you utilize your data in the best possible way. The spokesperson of the company shared further details, “Generally big data means dealing with the massive data in a productive manner. It means that you have millions of records in database(s) and many tables which are storing these data. The companies generally lack in the skill to maintain, manage and utilize these data in an optimal way. Here, our team of experienced data engineers helps the organizations to utilize these data in the best possible way.”

As per the information shared by the spokesperson of the Ecosmob Technologies, the company is going to offer top to bottom services with the big data. To be specific, the professional big data services offered by the company start with the identification of the data sources to collect the enough data of and related to the organization. This service continues with the professional guidance of how these data can be utilized in the best possible way. How to process the data to extract the useful information. The company also offers services related to big data modeling and algorithm development. The professional services of the Ecosmob Technologies for Big data also involve big data testing, automation and provisioning. The company offers the architecture design for securing the big data of a company from competitors. The Ecosmob Technologies offers the optimal big data infrastructure setup as well as support and management services. In a nutshell, it can be said that the company is all set to offer a complete package of services for Big data to any organization.

The more details of the Big Data Services can be accessed from their webpage, which is added under trending technologies big-data-services/


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