Ecosmob Technologies Announced To offer Custom Conferencing Solution Development


Ecosmob Technologies announced to offer custom development services for conferencing solution. The company offers development of audio, video or web conferencing solution with custom requirements of the client.

AHMEDABAD, IndiaJune 7, 2016PRLog — Ecosmob Technologies is one of the well known companies which offers custom development services to its clients. The company is situated in the Ahmedabad city of Gujarat, India. The company has been offering customer services in different industries. Representative of the Ecosmob Technologies recently announced to offer custom development services for conferencing solution.

The company offers the conferencing solution for different conferencing channels, namely, audio, video and web. As per the details shared by the representative of the company, the company offers the single channel conferencing solution. At the same time, it also offers the development of blended conferencing solution which can have more than one conferencing channels. Moreover, the company also offers single tenant and multi tenant conferencing solution. The single tenant conferencing solution can be used by any organization to take benefit of this conferencing solution for internal usage. The multi-tenant conferencing solution can be used to offer conferencing services to the tenants.

The conferencing solution offered by the Ecosmob Technologies comes with the admin panel, which is designed on standards if the GUI (Graphical User Interface). Thus, operating this conferencing solution can be very much easier as everything can be done on your fingertip with a few clicks only. The company offers the conferencing software development in asterisk or FreeSWITCH technology based on the custom requirement of the number of concurrent participants required by the company in a conference. The conferencing solution can be used remotely as well because the admin panel can be accessed using a web URL. This offers immense flexibility to utilize this solution.

“Conferencing is a basic need for many companies of different industries. The conferencing solution can be a cost effective and advanced tool which can be helpful to these businesses. The cost of travelling to participate in the conference can be reduced remarkably. Using this conferencing solution, participants can participate in the conference using any device including desktop, laptop, smart phones, tablets, etc. This makes remote participation possible. That’s why it can increase the number of participants in the conference.” , stated the representative of the company.

As per the information shared, this conferencing solution uses the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for conducting the conferences. This reduces the cost of conference commendably. This makes it a cost effective and must use solution for many businesses. Also, the quality of audio and video in the conference will be outstanding. Thus, it is a perfect fit for any organization.

The conferencing solution can be used with custom features based on the requirements of the company. More details of this solution, related features, benefits and services offered by the company are mentioned in the webpage of the conferencing solution. To know more about more details related to this solution, visit conferencingsolution/


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