Ecosmob Technologies Announced To Offer Appointment Reminder Solution for Businesses


Ecosmob Technologies announced to offer custom development services for appointment reminder solution. The solution can be useful by different businesses to ensure the perfect utilization of time and resources.

AHMEDABAD, IndiaJuly 6, 2016PRLog — Ecosmob Technologies is leading IT company from India. The company is situated in the Ahmadabad city of Gujarat state. The company has been offering different solutions and client centric services for more than 7 years. Recently, the representative of the company has announced to offer custom development services for the Appointment reminder solution. The spokesperson of the company specifically mentioned that one of the targeted audiences for this solution is businesses.

“We all know the business is very much dynamic in today’s world. One of the majorly happening activities in any business is meetings. Of course, the agendas of the meeting in different businesses are different. But, the ultimate fact is that the meetings are necessity of each business. This meeting can be with the team members, vendors, customers, prospects, service providers or any other business entities. It has been noticed that the people forget the scheduled meetings. At the other end, other members keep on waiting for the next person to come for a meeting. This wastes time of many people. Here, our appointment reminder system works at its best. The businesses can schedule the reminder message for each participant of the scheduled meeting. So the meeting reminder will be sent to them so they make sure to remember the scheduled meeting and attend it on time. The appointment reminder solution is not limited to this; it can also send the two way reminder message. Here once the reminder message is sent, the system will ask for the confirmation from the receiver so one can give his confirmation for presence in the meeting or can inform well in advance if he/ she is not able to attend the meeting.”, shared the representative of the company.

This solution will be developed in the Asterisk technology. The solution can have many features such as:
Multiple mode of message like voice call, SMS, Email, Fax, etc.
– Web based admin panel
– Text to speech conversion
– Notification in real time
– And many more
One may select one or more features based on the requirements of the business. For example, the appointment reminder system can be developed to send the reminder message in more than one mode of communication. The solution also offers many benefits to any business. To know more about the solution and its offered features as well as benefits, visit solutions/automated- appoi…


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