Ecosmob Announced To Offer WebRTC Client Solution for Banks


Ecosmob Technologies offers the development services of the WebRTC client solution. The representative of the company has announced to offer this solution for the banking industry.

OLYMPIA, Wash.May 23, 2016PRLog — Ecosmob Technologies is one of the leading IT companies from India. The company is situated in the Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The company is one of the early adopters of the WebRTC technology. The company uses this technology in developing the WebRTC Client solution which can be used for the real time communication from anywhere, at any time.

The representative of the Ecosmob Technologies has announced their development services for the WebRTC Client Solution for banking industry. As per the details shared in the announcement, the representative of the company stated that, “Banking is really dynamic industry and at the same time very competitive, too. The banks have to make sure that they stay connected with their customers and address the queries of their customers in real time. This is must to survive in the cut throat competition. There are many banks, which have started integrating advanced technologies and trending solution in their working environment so they can cater their customers rapidly and in a better way. The WebRTC client solution is one of the advanced tools the banks can consider and integrate into their working environment.”

The WebRTC client solution has many different communication features, which furnish bank executives with the advanced communication tools. These communication tools can be used for the quick and free internal communication. At the same time, these communication tools can be used to cater the customers of the bank.

The WebRTC client software offers audio and video calling features. These features can be used by the staff to internally communicate. The video calling can be used to offer personalized experience to the customers of the bank with the video calling. The WebRTC client solution also offers a feature of Instant messaging, which can be used by the bank executives to communicate with each other by chatting with each other. The customers of a bank can take benefit of it by chatting with the bank executive in real time to get answers of their queries. Other advanced features offered by the WebRTC Client Solution are, file and image sharing. The customers and executives can exchange the forms, documents, etc. using these features, which reduce the travelling costs of customers and bank executives to collect or deliver forms and documents. There is one more advanced features offered by the WebRTC Client solution, which is Screen Sharing. The banks can educate their customers with the advanced net banking features and other related facts with this feature. This may add value to the customer experience and gain more customer satisfaction for the banks.

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