Ecosmob Announced to Offer Voice Broadcasting Solution for eCommerce Business


Ecosmob offers voice broadcasting software development services for eCommerce industry. The solution will be developed with the custom features to provide maximum possible benefits.

OLYMPIA, Wash.May 19, 2016PRLog — Ecosmob Technologies is a known IT company from India. The company offers different services and solutions in the different technologies. The company operates from their headquarter which is situated in the Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Recently, the spokesperson of the company announced to offer the voice broadcasting software development services. As per the announcement made the solution will be offered to the eCommerce industry.

“We have been providing voice broadcasting solution to our global clients for many years. Now, we are making this announcement to ensure that our prospects get to know about our this specific service. The eCommerce industry is one of those industries which can gain maximum benefits from the voice broadcasting solution. Using this solution, they can stay in touch with their customers and send them different voice messages. This message can be sent in the auto recorded voice format or to make it more personalized, it can be also sent in the voice of the staff or owner of the company.”, shared the representative of Ecosmob Technologies.

This solution can be developed in Asterisk and FreesWITCH technologies as per the requirement of the client. Generally, we use the Asterisk technology as it supports enough concurrent calls and can satisfy the basic need of any eCommerce store. That is why the company has put the detail page of the Voice Broadcasting Solution on their Asterisk specific website. The webpage has the details of the features and benefits of the stated solution.

As per the details shared by the representative of the company, the broadcasting solution can be used for a variety of purposes by the eCommerce industry. Some of them are listed hereunder:

• To send greetings on the birthday of the customers
• To send details about new discounts and offers
• To send details of the item which were out of stock when the customer was looking for it and now it is in the stock
• To send the details of the product people have added in their wishlist
• And many more..

The voice broadcasting solution comes with the advanced features, which can be helpful to the eCommerce industry including,

• Campaign management
• Customer grouping
• Voice message recording
• Voice message broadcasting
• Voice message broadcast scheduling
• Text to speech converter
• Audio file upload
• Custom reports
• Call Logs
• Call Detail Reports
• And more

The company offers the custom voice broadcasting solution development service for the eCommerce industries. The company also offers the multi-tenant and multi-lingual support for the voice broadcasting solution.

To know more about this voice broadcasting solution, visit cosmobs-broadcasting- syst…


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