Dragon Ball Z Revival of F Trailer (ENGLISH DUB)



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original creator
Akira Toriyama

(For this Trailer)


Frieza- juicestargavin/ Gavin EJ Neal
Piccolo-juicestargavin/ Gavin EJ Neal
Vegeta-juicestargavin/ Gavin EJ Neal
Goku-juicestargavin/ Gavin EJ Neal
Narrator-juicestargavin/ Gavin EJ Neal
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  1. linda young regresa para dar la voz de freezer en la original de dbz.

  2. Frieza's voice was epic in this! Good job, a lot better than the normal voice.

  3. The meaning of F is friaza is only about friaza its says title dragon ball revival of friaza of F

  4. Krillin: gohan its him its him its him again

    Gohan: are you sure its him

    Krillin: when you had a man inside of you you know he's coming

  5. Good job. But I am really disappointed that the trailer was fan made! Why doesn't America ever get any Dbz movies!!!!

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