Contact Gmail customer service for import mail issues


APPLE VALLEY, Calif.July 4, 2016PRLogAre you facing problem while importing mails in your Gmail account?

Different issues faced while importing mails into Google account are:

• Having trouble in setting up the import.
• Import got stuck and didn’t progress since last week.
• Messages have been imported but they appear garbled.
• Many messages are missing after the import.
• Receiving error messages in the Accounts and Import tab.

Verify first that the email provider you are trying to import from is supported to Gmail. Now if the email provider is supported then also you are receiving error messages then do the following.

• If you receive the error message ‘This account cannot be imported right now. Please try again later.‘ then wait for some time and then try again.
• If you receive the error message as ‘Mail and contacts cannot be imported from another Gmail account.‘ then centralize the email from different email account using Mail Fetcher.
• While you receive the error message ‘Could not validate this combination of email address and password.‘ then check the password you have entered and the account trying to import from still exists.

Contact Gmail customer service to find more suitable solutions for the error messages.

Check if mail fetch was set up

• Sign in to Gmail and click on the gear sign.
• Select Settings and then open the Accounts and import tab.
• Now in the ‘Check mail from other accounts (using POP3)‘ section, look for any listed email address.
• If there is any email address, Mail Fetcher was set up in your account.

Dial Gmail customer care number and reach out to the support team for expert help and advice.

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