Conexiant Telecom Now Offers Private Label PBX for Resellers


PRLog (Press Release)Apr. 21, 2014DENVER Conexiant’s popular Private Label Program allows Resellers to start a hosted PBX company under their own brand. A $ 799 setup fee ($ 1,499 after May 15) provides a complete branded offering, website and training. Also available are VMs or dedicated servers complete with installed FreePBX or Elastix.

Conexiant, a well-known provider of wholesale VoIP services offers DIDs, DDIs, toll free numbers, voice termination and hosted servers with FreePBX or Elastix.  The company offers a PBX or VoIP solution for every type of Reseller.

DIDs, DDIs and toll free or freephone numbers and international ITFS numbers and toll free service are available in more than 80 countries. Conexiant’s most popular markets are the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Central and South America.

Call centers are users of the multichannel DIDs and DDIs because the Company offers a Call Center or Enterprise bundle of 20 DIDs or DDIs and 23 channels as a full replacement for a PRI or BRI. DIDs and DDIs may have unlimited channel capacity by the channel or on a per-minute basis.

A VoIP reseller, VAR or MSP managed service provider or hosted PBX reseller can obtain numbers and voice termination from Conexiant. A high volume dialer voice termination is also available.

About Telecom
Conexiant is a privately-held wholesale VoIP telecom company located in Englewood, Colorado. Conexiant is funded by the Omni Private Equity Group.

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