CloudHinge’s New Book, Master the Cloud: The 7-Step Guide to Moving Your Small Business to the Cloud


RESTON, Va.Sept. 2, 2015PRLog — Reston, VA: Today, Cloudhinge published its second ebook on how Small Business Owners (SBOs) can leverage the cloud to streamline operations, attract customers and increase sales. The ebook explains how SBOs can acquire powerful, secure and cost effective cloud-based IT resources, in the form of services, to meet their current business needs and enable future growth. The book presents a systematic, step-by-step approach to help SBOs transition to the cloud, and use cloud services to add value to their businesses.

Howard Small is an evangelist for helping small businesses adopt new technologies that provide business value. Small believes that the cloud represents the set of “glue” technologies that allows small businesses to extract even greater value from their previous investments in personal computers and mobile devices.

Small also believes that the cloud is the primary enabler of the next evolution in Information Technology, the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT will allow SBOs to take their businesses to a whole new level of efficiency and growth, by incorporating sensors that can send data to be stored and analyzed in the cloud, and displayed on laptops, tablets, smartphones and a host of newer devices.

“The adoption of cloud computing is no longer just critical to successful business operations and customer support; it is becoming increasingly more critical to business survival,” said Howard Small.

The Master the Cloud ebook is available in multiple DRM-free ebook formats, so it can be read on iPhones, iPad, Kindle, Nook and other ebook readers. It is priced at $ 0.99. The first 20 percent of the ebook can be read as a free sample. The ebook is available at books/view/571601.

Small’s first ebook, 9 Key Facts You Must Know About The Cloud: Why They Are Important to the Future of Your Small Business, was published in 2014. It is available for free at The ebook describes the incredible power of the cloud without the complex jargon, and explains how the cloud can help small businesses. The ebook also explains why the future of small business success hinges on the cloud.

About Howard Small

Howard Small is a cloud computing engineer, consultant and writer who helps Small Business Owners (SBOs) streamline operations, attract customers and increase sales by taking advantage of the power of cloud computing. Howard shows SBOs how to quickly apply cloud technologies to improve the business efficiency, get products and services to market faster, and increase business revenue and profits. He has written two books on cloud computing for small businesses. Howard has also written three books on real estate foreclosure investing.

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