Breathe / Respire (2014) – Trailer English Subs


Directed by : Mélanie Laurent
Produced by : Move Movie
Genre: Fiction – Runtime: 1 h 32 min
French release: 12/11/2014
Production year: 2014

Charlie is 17 years old. She is at that age where life is all about hanging out with friends; emotions, convictions, passions.
Sarah is the new girl in town. Beautiful, bold, with a history and a strong personality. A star from the get-go.
Sarah chooses Charlie.

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  1. Mélanie Laurent.. singer n director?

    u make me love u more n moree.. >w<

  2. Artistically it is a masterpiece. Frames, positions, photography… and the dynamism of the plot is even better. Quick but slow. It makes you immerse yourself deeply in the story.

  3. This movie is so heartbreaking, I couldn't stop holding my breath during all the film, and the end is so unexpected…loved it !

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