Book Released On Amazon Explores The Potential Of Big Data Analytics In Life Sciences & Healthcare


Amazon posted today release of a book that explores the potential for big data analytics in healthcare and life sciences. The book titled Clinical Intelligence reveals ways clinical data can be leveraged to improve medical outcomes & reduce costs

NEW YORKJuly 9, 2016PRLog — Amazon posted today release of a book that explores the potential for big data analytics in healthcare and life sciences.  The book was developed to help life sciences and healthcare organizations understand the ways in which they can leverage data to gain critical clinical and business insights. Titled Clinical Intelligence: The Big Data Analytics Revolution in Healthcare, the book reveals data-driven methods to predict and prevent healthcare issues, perform population health management studies, reduce healthcare costs and medical errors.  The book applies big data analytics methods such as machine learning to clinical data, in order to improve healthcare quality and reduce costs.

“Big Data Analytics is a powerful approach to identify and apply preventive healthcare strategies and accelerate life science discovery”, said the author, Peter Ghavami, Ph.D.  He added “There is a clear under-investment in the industry to use information technology and in particular data analytics to eliminate medical errors.  Hospitals that use data analytics report on average three times better results in patient satisfaction, reduction of medical errors and healthcare costs.   Using big data analytics techniques described in this book, healthcare professionals can prevent escalating medical conditions, medication and procedure errors by predicting them before they occur.”

Several universities have announced their intent to adopt Clinical Intelligence as standard text book for graduate courses in Public Health Management, Life Sciences, Bio-Informatics and Data Analytics.

The life sciences and healthcare industries historically have generated large amounts of data driven by patient profiling, compliance and regulatory requirements, and scientific research. These massive quantities of data hold the promise of supporting a wide range of medical and healthcare functions, including clinical decision support, disease surveillance, and clinical analytics.

The book provides an overview of big data analytics as an emerging discipline in life sciences and healthcare. It explores the characteristics of this trend and the benefits of leveraging big data analytics within these sectors. It also touches on the challenges and future directions of big data analytics in the life science and healthcare industries.

“With the significant amounts of patient and medical data generated every day, it is more important than ever for healthcare organizations to acquire the tools and technologies necessary to gain business advantage from data”, said Peter Ghavami, Ph.D., “We believe that life sciences and healthcare organizations can learn big data analytics techniques described in this book that can revolutionize care delivery.”

The book includes more than 100 big data analytics use-cases to improve healthcare in 10 chapters that study the application of data analytics to medical, data mining, clinical and healthcare data.  Each chapter covers a wide range of topics from data curation, data visualization, health quality metrics, financial coding optimization, medical prediction, population health management, clinical pathways, medical coding automation and fraud detection.

According to Amazon’s sales records, Clinical Intelligence is among best-selling books in big data analytics topic.

Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Insurance companies and healthcare application providers will benefit from this book as they launch their big data analytics initiatives.  They can address their big data analytics needs with the contents of this book.

The book can be purchased from Amazon at Clinical-Intelligence- Analytics-Re… or at: 4772104.

The book is written for IT leaders, hospital administrators, healthcare executive and practitioners, CIO, CTO, Chief Data Officers, IT professionals, data analysts and data scientists who want to learn modern analytics methods to analyze their big data assets, create data ingestion pipelines, and develop data analytics solutions with healthcare information.

About the Author: Peter Ghavami, Ph.D. is a world renowned consultant and best-selling author of several IT books.  He has been consultant and advisor to many Fortune 500 companies in the world for IT strategy, big data analytics, innovation and new technology development. His book on Hadoop data governance titled “Big Data Governance” supplements his Clinical Intelligence book.  In 2016 he released another book on data analytics titled: Big Data Analytics Methods ( 6121530).

His first book titled “Lean, Agile and Six Sigma IT Management” is still widely used by IT professionals around the world.  His books have been selected as text books by several universities.  Dr. Ghavami has over 25 years of experience in technology development, IT leadership, data analytics, supercomputing, software engineering and innovation.  He can be reached at peter.ghavami@


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