Where to find fantastic company web directories for companies?


In which should you go as a small business proprietor in order to become a family group name along with your small enterprise as soon as advertising and marketing budget is actually tight and time is restricted?

1) Business.com – Business.com is actually an index for both company owners and buyers searching for Business products. Search from over 1 million companies to find the products, solutions or solutions you will want.

2) Entrada – Entrada has been a trusted reference for locating companies since 1997. Get a hold of Business by group, location, keyword, or Business Name.

3) BizJournals – Business Directory from neighborhood Business Journals from around the United States.

4) telephone book- company owners find all of the companies within region along with other Business directories readily available through the phone book website. It is possible to market on phone book using their pay-per-call advertising approach. Companies also can list their particular Business on Yellowpages.com .

5) BusinessTown – BusinessTown is actually an online Business service list over 1 million Business listings across multiple Business groups. Companies can submit their particular Business for the Business service at no cost.

6) BizzBuzz – BizzBuzz lists neighborhood organizations all across The united states, companies also can submit their particular Business at no cost to BizzBuzz Business service.

7) Business.gov – Business.gov is actually the official Business Directory on the usa national, The Business service lists authorities resources for companies. Companies find information on beginning a small business and on occasion even accept funds through loans and funds offered to smaller businesses though e-commerce service.

8) Business Know-How – Business learn how is actually a business online Directory list companies in multiple Business groups, You could promote your Business on the website using their pay per call advertising remedy. Companies can submit their particular company at no cost for this Business service.

9) Get a hold of What Business – Get a hold of What organization is an online Business service list companies all across The united states in multiple Business groups, company owners can submit their particular Business at no cost for the Business service.

10) BusinessTown – Get a hold of exactly what organization is a business online Directory list companies in multiple Business groups, You could promote your Business on the website using their pay-per-call advertising remedy. Companies can submit their particular company at no cost for the Business service.

11) Business Directory – Business Directory is actually a Business service list companies from across The united states, You could promote your Business on the website using their pay-per-call advertising remedy. Companies can submit their particular Business at no cost for this Business service.

12) Get a hold of A Business – Get a hold of a Business offers over 200 million company listings Business service, company owners can submit their particular Business at no cost for the Business service.

13) B2BYellowpages – companies can list their particular Business on B2BYellowpages at no cost in order to find neighborhood companies near them through e-commerce service. Companies also can market their particular company here by buying pay-per-call advertising campaigns and get seen by companies within region.

Besides these big names, you might want to look for an inventory that really drives new customers in front of your company home. Here are some available you almost certainly failed to hear of yet:

14.) FastBusinessDirectory.info is actually a free of charge list website in which all kinds of organizations makes their particular entryway at no cost. Additionally they supply a paid list to really make the report on organizations stand out from your competitors. When compared to above-mentioned organizations FastBusinessDirectory enables listings from around society from every market or business.

15.) GreatBusinessDirectory.com is actually notably comparable, additionally allowing listings for organizations from any where on the planet become put within service. They provide both a free of charge and a paid list.

Much more specific company directories:

16.) if you are searching for the search engines expert or internet marketing freelancer, then ProSeoDirectory.com is a great option for you. They provide strong one way links for SEO specialists and a research clients interested in an online advertising and marketing, layout, or SEO specialist.

To ensure that’s the compilation of legitimate company directories for today. Let us know if this number was helpful for you within the comments.

Do you overlook an index you are aware? Please write to us. We’re thrilled to amend more entries to our number.

Daily Dose of Reading Helps Boosts Brain Power


(NewsUSA) – If, like many people, you are concerned about how much screen time you or your kids are getting, there’s an easy remedy which can also help boost your brain power: Reading a book – in print.According to the American Library Association, students who are independent readers score higher on achievement tests in all subject areas and have a greater knowledge of content than those who rarely read.Need ideas and inspiration? Check out the Read 15 Pages a Day program from the Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds campaign, funded by manufacturers and importers of paper and paper-based packaging. The program is designed to encourage reading in print at all ages and reading levels while promoting the benefits reading in print provides.By reading books and other print materials each day, children and adults could improve their brain power in two ways:- Improve memory and information recall. Research suggests that the physical sensation of holding a book helps readers retain more information and absorb more details than when they read e-books or material online. Reading on paper promotes concentration on what you read, so you are better able to remember it.Other studies suggest that taking notes on paper in classes or meetings and re-reading them improves recall and retention of information.- Improved language and mental development. The 15 Pages a Day Program encourages parents to read just 15 pages with their children each day. Regular reading of print books can help improve children’s language development and inspire them to become independent readers, a gift that will last a lifetime. Even when children can read their own 15 pages of a print book, reading aloud will increase their understanding of how knowledge is acquired and shared and encourages active listening.In addition, studies of older adults show that those who read and write regularly experience significantly slower declines in memory compared with those who are not regular readers.Another benefit? A print book needs no charger, and you can read in a cabin in the woods, on a plane without WiFi, on a sailboat, on a bus, or on a beach, so the 15 pages can fit in anywhere, anytime.Learn more about the power of printed books and the benefits of just 15 pages of reading each day at howlifeunfolds.com/15pages

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End The Summer with Serenity at Calabash Cove Resort And Spa


(NewsUSA) – August: the dog days of summer are still long and warm, and there’s still time to indulge in an adults-only vacation before the pace picks up in the fall with a return to school schedules and the impending holidays.The Caribbean remains a hot spot all year round, including August, and island breezes keep the heat at bay.Calabash Cove, a secluded luxury resort on the island of Saint Lucia, is a place where adult singles and couples can enjoy an intimate beachfront location with no crowds and plenty of peace and quiet for reading, relaxing, and reflecting.Some top reasons to choose the Caribbean in August:- Good deals: August is often a slower travel time, so flights are often cheaper than they were earlier in the summer and many resorts, such as Calabash Cove, offer special promotions for the end-of-summer vacationers.- No kids: August is a great time to send the kids to camp or to Grandma’s, so busy parents can take a break and recharge on their own before school schedules take over with the soon-to-be hustle and bustle of the impending holidays.- Special events: Summer is festival season at many Caribbean islands and Saint Lucia is no exception. Visitors considering an August trip may want to include the Roots & Soul Festival, which takes place August 23-25. The festival features musicians on the cutting edge of reggae, conscious hip-hop, Afro-punk, and R&B, and includes performances and master classes.Whatever the reason or season, Calabash Cove offers a perfect change of pace.The Unconditional All-Inclusive package covers all food and drinks, including room service, daily specials, an in-room bar, lobster (in season), and more than 20 wines by the bottle from an extensive wine list. For those who want to relax, but not unplug, WiFi is included (as are tips).Calabash Cove’s property of 26 guest suites features not only a private beach, but also a nearby coral reef, tropical gardens, and architecture designed to promote relaxation and enhance the sunset views.Guests looking for a bit of adventure can explore the nearby Rodney Bay Village, which boasts approximately 40 bars and restaurants, and those craving action can take advantage of Calabash Cove’s paddle boats, kayaks, and snorkeling gear at no charge.Guests who miss their traditional workouts can work up a sweat at the resort’s Cybex cardiovascular fitness center, while those who seek more pampering can indulge in a full range of services at the spa.For more information, visit www.calabashcove.com/summer-days/

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One Date Parents Shouldn’t Ignore: 529 College Savings Plan Day


(NewsUSA) – How much will I need for my kid’s college education? And how the heck will I pay for it?With the cost of a four-year degree rising nearly eight times faster than wages since the 1980s, those two questions are enough to give today’s parents a serious case of night sweats. You can argue about the reasons for the disconnect -Administrative costs? Fancy amenities? – but you know there’s a problem when a writer at Education Week is incensed."Madness," she decried.Which is all the more reason to mark May 29 down on your calendar.Otherwise known as National 529 College Savings Plan Day -Get it? 5/29? – it’s the perfect time to consider setting up one those tax-advantaged 529 plans, as they’re called, to help sock money away to cover tuition, books and other education-related expenses at most accredited two – and four-year colleges, universities and vocational-technical schools."It’s a way of keeping your son or daughter from being saddled with too much debt when it’s time to jump start their careers," explained Melissa Ridolfi, vice president of retirement and college products at Fidelity Investments. "Plus, any investment earnings compound on a tax-deferred basis, and qualified withdrawals are entirely free from federal and state income taxes."And now to the big question: How much?Two factors are mainly at play:* Public vs. private schools. The cost difference can be about as mind-boggling as "Avengers: Endgame’s" record $ 357.1 million opening weekend domestic haul: an average of $ 21,370 a year at the former, according to the College Board’s latest figures, as opposed to $ 48,510 at the latter.* The percentage of the bill you plan to foot. If you were counting on scholarships and other grants to pick up all or most of the tab, you should probably rethink that unless your kid is either a bona fide child prodigy or football star. Sallie Mae’s "How America Pays for College" 2018 report found that both categories combined paid for just 28 percent of college costs.One guess where 47 percent of the costs came from. That’s right, "family income and savings," with another 24 percent covered by borrowing.In other words, as Ridolfi said, "any way you look at it, the family is on the hook to pay the lion’s share of college expenses." Which probably helps explain why a recent Fidelity study found that parents are increasingly starting to save before their child even reaches the age of two.To see where you stand, try using what Fidelity calls "the college savings 2K rule of thumb." Simply multiply your child’s current age by $ 2,000 to figure whether your savings to date are generally on track to handle approximately 50 percent of the College Board’s $ 21,370-a-year average cost of attending a four-year public college.Or, especially if you want a more customized estimate – one that lets you play around with percentages and switch back and forth between public and private schools – the firm’s free online college savings calculator takes the angst out of doing the math yourself.Fidelity provides 12 savings ideas to help reach your own goal, and offers a choice of two different investment strategies in the 529 savings plans it manages – including an age-based portfolio of funds that automatically becomes more conservative as the beneficiary nears college age.Hopefully, armed with all that info, you’ll be sleeping better at night.

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ICO Offers Investors a Chance to Cash in on Green Energy Plan


(NewsUSA) – Interest in alternative, environmentally-friendly energy sources continues to grow, and one company, Eco Smart Energies, offers investors a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of green energy with a pre-sale Initial Coin Offering (ICO) at renbdo.io to raise funds for the Renewable Energy Network Based on Decentralized Organization (RENBDO) project.The project involves the creation of a wind power farm and the installation of up to 52 wind turbines to produce green energy.During the 15-day, pre-sale period, 10 percent of the Renewable Energy Tokens (RETs) will be sold at a 50-percent discount via a cryptocurrency system. The discount will not be available after the pre-sale period. "Ownership of one RET is equivalent to owning one asset in Eco Smart Energies," according to a company press release."These turbines are capable of producing mechanical energy that can be transformed into electrical energy, using wind energy converters linked to power distributors," according to a company white paper.Cryptocurrency, an internet-based system for financial transactions, has the advantages of minimal processing fees, decentralization, and blockchain to confirm and provide security. The exchanges are quick and can be conducted on a global scale, which makes life easier for investors. According to a recent opinion piece on the Bloomberg website by former risk manager Aaron Brown, cryptocurrency is not without risk, but neither is investing, and "there are plausible scenarios in which crypto grows to become a significant part of the economy."Investors are seeing the potential of green energy companies and the convenience of cryptocurrency. Wind energy is one of the most strongly recommended alternatives to the use of fossil fuels, and Eco Smart gets investors involved in the environmental angle with an application that will allow the token owners not only to send or receive tokens, but also to view how much wind power is being produced from the turbines. "The token holders can also actively participate in issues that are related to the future of the wind farm," according to the company.Visit renbdo.io for more information about how cryptocurrency will shape the future and for investment opportunities. 

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Steal the Show at Your Next Holiday Party


(NewsUSA) – For those who like to wear their holiday spirit front and center, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. But it’s also the season of charity, so why not feel good by making a fashion statement that’s socially conscious as well?No doubt, there are many sources that sponsor holiday clothing collections, but savvy shoppers can support a variety of causes in a quest to win the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, or make a splashy holiday statement.Some strategies to get a smile, while staying warm and comfortable this season and donating to a worthwhile charity, include:* Sweaters: The Ugly Christmas Sweater has become a must-wear for any holiday party. Those who embrace the sweater party spirit can do something extra this season by browsing ugly holiday sweaters at iEDM.comWhether you don one nostalgically or ironically, it’s wearable joy and a great way to spark up a conversation. With themes ranging from Grumpy Cat to PacMan, Grinch and Alice in Wonderland, they have plenty of options for your next Christmas party.If you’re throwing your own Ugly Christmas Sweater party, you may want to consider picking up a couple of extras for guests who dare to show up without one.iEDM donates 5 percent of its holiday profits to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to support its research and treatment, and support families with children undergoing treatment.* Hoodies: Not feeling the Ugly Christmas Sweater theme??Why not wear an Ugly Christmas Hoodie instead?These iconic staples to anyone’s wardrobe can be stylish and versatile and be the perfect ensemble to a party.For a truly unique holiday hoodie, companies such as Epic Hoodie have a wide selection of colorful hoodies and a curated collection that showcases the original work of artists, each of whom receives a portion of every sale.These Ugly Christmas hoodies are handmade in the United States using eco-sustainable inks and fabrics.Have a raver on your Christmas list? iEDM has just what you’re looking for with its rave hoodies in all kinds of colors.* Onesies: If you’re unsure what to wear to your office Christmas Party, why not make the ultimate splash and rock a vivid, comfortable, and eco-friendly adult onesie? Onesielife is a first of its kind, all-over-print streetwear onesie company.Bonus? All onesies are handmade in the USA, and this retailer donates 5 percent of every purchase to the nonprofit Children’s International, which provides food and services to children in need around the world.Whatever your need this holiday season – be it an Ugly Christmas Sweater for a party you’re attending or throwing, an Ugly Christmas hoodie to keep warm or wear out, an adult Christmas onesie to be the envy of any event, or a gift for your favorite raver – you can find everything you need here.To learn more about these unique collections, visit iEDM.com, epichoodie.com, and onesielife.com.

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Airport Kiosks Teach Travelers Hands-Only CPR


(NewsUSA) – Each year, more than 350,000 cardiac arrests occur at locations other than hospitals, and more than 20 percent occur in public places, according to the American Heart Association. CPR, especially if performed immediately, can double or triple the odds of survival for someone in cardiac arrest.To help increase the number of people who know how to perform CPR, the American Heart Association, with support from the philanthropic Anthem Foundation, began a program in 2016 that has now established 11 educational kiosks in seven of the busiest airports in major cities in the United States.The American Heart Association estimates that more than 200,000 people have learned Hands-Only CPR via the kiosks."This novel approach has trained 200,000 additional people in CPR, which is a significant step toward our vision of a nation of life-savers," says John Meiners, chief of mission-aligned businesses and healthcare solutions at the American Heart Association. "Nearly 90 percent of people who experience a cardiac arrest outside the hospital die, so we continually look for innovative ways to train the public in Hands-Only CPR in order to improve survival outcomes."The training session at a kiosk takes about five minutes, making it a quick and easy opportunity for travelers with waiting time on their hands. Each kiosk features a touch screen that displays a brief instructional video about Hands-Only CPR, followed by a practice session and a 30-second test. The kiosk also includes a mannequin that lets users perform actual chest compressions, and then gives them feedback about the correct depth and pressure to make the procedure most effective."We are pleased to join the American Heart Association as part of this important and unique program that is working to increase the number of individuals who are trained and confident about performing CPR to benefit our communities and ultimately save lives," says Stephen Friedhoff, MD, chief clinical officer, Anthem, Inc.Hands-Only CPR has two simple steps that apply when you see an adult or adolescent collapse:* Call 911.* Start hard, fast compressions in the center of the victim’s chest until help arrives."Many Americans don’t perform CPR for a variety of reasons, such as lack of training or low confidence," says Manuel-Luis "Manny" Medina, a paramedic and American Heart Association CPR instructor and professor for the Emergency Medical Services program at National University in San Diego, California."Through the self-instruction available at these kiosks, the public can learn Hands-Only CPR and start to build confidence to perform this life-saving skill that may make the difference for someone they know or love."To learn more about the Hands-Only CPR campaign and be prepared to save a life, visit heart.org/handsonlycpr or go to facebook.com/AHACPR

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Serenity Awaits at Calabash Cove Resort & Spa St Lucia


(NewsUSA) – Travelers who are seeking serenity as part of their quintessential Caribbean luxury resort experience will find their perfect getaway at Calabash Cove.With a secluded beachfront location on the northwest (or Caribbean) side of the coast of the island of St. Lucia, Calabash Cove offers privacy and luxury for adults only.The Calabash Cove guest list includes singles and couples, some honeymooners, some celebrating an anniversary or other special event, and others looking for a simple but elegant getaway with some personal space and well-prepared meals. Visitors come from the United States, Canada, Europe, and around the world.The resort and spa is a full-service resort: the optional Unconditional All-Inclusive package covers all food and drinks including room service, daily specials, an in-room bar, lobster when in season, and more than 20 wines by the bottle from the resort’s extensive wine list. Tips and Wi-Fi are included as well.Part of the resort’s appeal is its promise of intimacy – only 26 suites, all with a king bed, Jacuzzi, double vanity, rain shower, private balcony or patio, ocean view and cable TV. The resort is built along a sloping hill and was designed to complement and harmonize with the natural surroundings and offer guests full benefit of ocean breezes and sunset views.The property includes a private beach with nearby coral reef, as well as tropical gardens and groves of trees to set the scene for reflection and relaxation.Calabash caters to a quieter crowd, says owner Konrad Wagner"If guests like a large, noisy, and ordinary resort, Calabash Cove Resort & Spa may not be best for them," he explains."A crowd for many of them is when three couples decide to charter a boat for the day to visit the Pitons for snorkeling."Calabash guests "enjoy dinner music every night at a volume suitable for a conversation," he adds.However, guests looking to sprinkle their serenity with activity can take advantage of a Cybex cardiovascular fitness center, or get out on the water with kayaks, paddle boards, and snorkeling gear, all available at no additional charge.Calabash Cove is ideally situated five minutes north of Castries and five minutes south of Rodney Bay Village, with approximately 40 bars and restaurants to cater to a range of tastes when guests crave a change of scene.Visit calabashcove.com for more information. 

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Forget That Facelift – “Wrap” Your Face into Shape


A non-surgical technique for lifting double chins, reducing puffiness around the eyes, and improving the appearance of wrinkles is now available in the form of an easy-to-use home kit called The Face Wrap. (www.facewrap.com).Previously available as a salon-only treatment, The Face Wrap lifts and tightens drooping areas on the forehead, face, and under the chin by firmly wrapping them up in a mineral-soaked, non-allergenic "face wrap" constructed of non-latex elasticized cotton fabric."The liquid minerals are the secret to the Face Wrap," says Sarah Bolger, The Face Wrap’s spokesperson. "The minerals, which are all-natural, draw out impurities from the complexion while giving the skin a firmed and tighter look on the outside and a rejuvenated feel to the underlying tissues."Bolger says the all-natural, one-hour facial beautification procedure is safe and painless."Our Face Wrap kits have wrapped many thousands of faces, and we’ve learned how to produce wonderful changes," says Bolger. "For those looking for an alternative to cosmetic surgery, wrapping your face is an easier way to reduce double chins and puffiness, lift and tighten the skin and enhance your own natural beauty."Bolger also recommends exfoliating before using to allow the minerals to absorb better, and exercising the face daily with a few simple exercises.Working women want to look their best – especially after 50. But let’s face it, most working women find it difficult to carve out an hour or two a week for visits to the day spa. That’s the appeal of the home kit. The one-hour treatment can be done at home while reading or on the computer or while resting.Women generally look five- to ten years younger after a series of three to six treatments. Most people are surprised to see their cheekbones and jaw bones again!Visit www.facewrap.com for more information. The kit costs $ 139 and contains enough minerals for at least 20 treatments, or about $ 7 per treatment. A lot less than $ 80-plus for various salon treatments.

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Low-Cost Internet Program Helps Connect Families, Veterans


(NewsUSA) – Most of us can’t imagine life without Internet service at home. We use it every day for news and entertainment, as well as to research healthcare options for our families; to connect with friends and family; to search and apply for jobs, scholarships, or schools; or to shop and save time.Unfortunately, many low-income households in this country aren’t connected and they’re missing out on the life-changing resources the Internet has to offer.According to the U.S. Census American Community Survey, 81 percent of U.S. households have broadband Internet access, but only 63 percent of those with annual incomes of less than $ 35,000 do.For the past seven years, Comcast has been on a mission to do something about this so-called "digital divide" through its acclaimed Internet Essentials program, which has become the largest broadband adoption program for low-income families across the U.S.The program has had an enormous impact on families and their children and, since its inception, more than six million low-income Americans have been connected.To put that in perspective, six million people is larger than the populations of each city in America except New York City. While the numbers can be numbing, the individuals who have benefitted all have their own stories to tell."Low-income people face problems when it comes to accessing technology and a lot of people are left behind," says Pam Ogglesby, an Internet Essentials customer."I signed up for the program and I now see what I was missing. I feel connected now and it’s all because of Internet Essentials. I think this is going to change my life drastically. I intend to use the Internet to learn new things."In the beginning, Internet Essentials was offered to low-income families with children eligible to participate in the National School Lunch Program. Eligibility has also been extended to low-income seniors in more than a dozen markets, as well as to those households receiving HUD-housing assistance, which includes HUD’s Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher, and Multifamily programs.This year, the company is expanding eligibility again to low-income veterans living within the Comcast service area. About a third of the veterans in the U.S. do not have Internet access at home, and only about 60 percent even own a computer, according to the U.S. Census American Community Survey, creating a need for better options for the veteran community. As a result, more than one million veterans across Comcast’s footprint are estimated to be eligible.Comcast’s Internet Essentials program works with community partners to break down the main barriers to Internet access – lack of affordable service; lack of a computer or other device; and lack of digital training by providing high-speed Internet service for $ 9.95 a month plus tax, the option to purchase an Internet-ready computer for less than $ 150, and free digital literacy training in print, in person, and online.To apply, visit www.internetessentials.com/apply, or call 1-855-846-8376. For Spanish-only speakers: call 1-855-765-6995. 

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