Xenoblade Chronicles X – Story Trailer (w English sub)


English subbed version of the Story Trailer video released on Apr 22nd.
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  1. They're ugly and filthy, but that is what Human are.. god.. that deep.. with that music.

  2. At first, I didn't really like how it changed from a sword RPG to guns but the trailer changed my mind. The story seems amazing and that is one of the many reasons why we love the game so much. Another one was that anything you see in the game, you can go too, it is such an open world! This game makes me want to run out and by myself a Wii U.

  3. I just wish a little more effort was put into the faces. 
    Most dialogue is out of sync, and the characters have static, unchanging un-emotional faces.

  4. I usually don't ask for much, but does anyone know the music they are playing along with the video? (inb4 darude-sandstorm)

  5. The graphics are on par with the graphics in Phantasy Star Online 2! That alone is astounding! Man I can't wait for this game!

  6. 5 seconds into this goddamn trailer and i already know the soundtrack is gonna wreck me

  7. Something just feels so off at 1:10

    You hear Lyn yelling, "Aren't we on the same team?!" and the scene shows Elma pointing her gun at someone with no hesitation.

    Hmm…that makes me curious and worried.

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