Working the Web to Win Announces David Frank as its New Partner


Dave Frank, Senior Multimedia Designer & Partner, Working the Web to Win

PRLog (Press Release)Mar. 7, 2014JACKSONVILLE, Fla. Working the Web to Win Announces David Frank as its New Partner

Jacksonville, FL – Working the Web to Win, a Jacksonville, Florida-based, all-digital Internet marketing agency, named David Frank as its new partner.

“The reason we decided to bring aboard Dave Frank as a full partner is because he creates the best video and post-production I’ve seen,” says company president and co-founder Carl Weiss. No stranger to video production, Carl previously owned a video production company. “His special effects are just short of the ones you’d see from Pixar.” (i.e., “Toy Story,” “Ratatouille,” “Finding Nemo,” etc.) Carl started working with Frank on several projects four years ago, before co-founding  Working the Web to Win in 2012. “In the years we’ve worked together, Dave has always been right on the spot.  It’s not every day you encounter a person who can shoot professional video, do highly imaginative post-production work, and who also can perform well in front of the camera.”

Hector Cisneros, Working the Web to Win’s co-founder and COO/Director of Social Media also lauds Frank’s multifaceted skills. “Dave also does graphics work for us,” including redesigning and then animating the company’s logo. He helps clients with anything from creating business cards, signage, and any other visual effects the firm or client needs.  “He created our Working the Web to Win’s logos and created custom logos for clients. He knows how to use his tools effectively, which enables us to be competitive. He’s created some very compelling 3D logos for some of our clients.”

Carl says the videos that Dave shoots and then further develops in post-production, have “that Hollywood sizzle.” He points out that frequently, Dave takes the initiative to create and produce videos for the company’s clients — as well as for the firm itself — that are “way beyond” the call of duty. “And he really enjoys doing it. He’s very creative.” Carl, who’s also experienced in post-production and CGI work, admits, “but my skills are certainly not at the level of Dave’s.”

Upon being named a full partner as Working the Web to Win’s Senior Multimedia Designer, Dave says, “To become a partner in a company that I’m excited about has been a dream of mine for years now.  In joining with Carl and Hector, I know I’ve found the right opportunity. Over the past few years, they’ve grown their firm to the point where they needed someone with my skill sets to push the company to the next level regarding its multimedia needs. It’s exciting to be an integral part of the company and know we’re building something that’s going to be extremely successful.”

Initially, Dave worked with Carl and Hector on a contractual basis, doing assignments as necessary, while he was employed full-time at another firm. As circumstances would have it, Dave and that firm parted ways and, after about six months or so of working contractually for Working the Web to Win, Carl and Hector were able to offer him a full partnership position.

Adds Hector: “Dave has the right work ethic, very similar to the one Carl and I share.  We don’t have to say to each other ‘You do this, I’ll do that.’ We’ve developed a synergy over the years. And Nash fits in perfectly with that. You don’t have to ask him to do certain things. He automatically jumps in with both feet and hands to do it. He comes up with ideas to improve our BlogTalkRadio and corresponding YouTube programs. He’s a doer. Luckily for us, he focuses on how to produce a good product for our clients.  And he brings that from the get-go.”

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Co-founded by Carl Weiss and Hector Cisneros, Working the Web to Win ( ) is an award-winning, all-digital Internet marketing agency. The Jacksonville, Florida-based firm specializes in cross-channel communications for the Internet. It provides clients with a proprietary content marketing program that include Web design (Websites and landing pages), page optimization and pay-per-click, social media campaigns, blogging and article marketing, online video and video optimization, Search Directory marketing, mobile marketing and optimization, touch marketing, animation and 3D special effects. Working the Web to Win provides guaranteed organic results.

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