Working Families Party Endorses Jamie Moxham


Jamie Moxham, Candidate for Niagara County Clerk

PRLogJune 18, 2015WILTON, N.Y. Jamie Moxham, candidate for Niagara County Clerk, has received the endorsement of the Working Families Party. She previously received the endorsement of the Niagara County Democratic Party.

” I am pleased and honored to accept the endorsement of the Working Families Party,” Moxham said. ” I share many values of the party, especially the concern and focus on the needs of working people. That’s where I come from and both nationally and here in Niagara County, the more public officials look out for the interests of families over special interests, the better off we all are.”

Moxham is a longtime Wilson resident and she and her husband, attorney Walter Moxham are the parents of two sons, Brennan and Zachary. ” I know how many families struggle to provide food, housing and transportation as wages have remained flat,” Moxham said. ” And when you throw in the cost of higher education, the struggle becomes even greater.”

Moxham supports fair labor practices for workers in both the private and public sectors. ” In my many years of  managing successful business, I know how hard people work and how recruiting and keeping good employees is the key to that success,” the candidate said.

Moxham wants to use her business background to bring better service to the Clerk’s office, strengthen revenue and assure the most productive and efficient technologies are in place. ” I see the Clerk’s office as a center for essential services,” Moxham said. ” I simply promise to put the people of Niagara County first.”

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