WITSoftware presents the first multi-device RCS solution featuring Central Storage and SMS internetw


PRLog (Press Release)Feb. 24, 2014 Barcelona, 24th February, 2014: WIT Software, a leading provider of rich and unified communications for Mobile Operators, has announced today a new multi-device solution for RCS that is able to synchronize all the SMS and IP messages across multiple devices, including smartphones, Tablets, PCs and Web browsers.

This multi-device messaging solution is achieved with the addition of a Central Message Store in the WIT Communications App Server (WCAS). The conversation that is initiated in one device can be resumed in a different device. This is a similar concept to the iMessage service from Apple, but it is entirely supported in a Telco infrastructure and works with different device platforms and operating systems.

The WIT Communications App Server is fully compliant with the RCS 5.1 specifications and interworks with the Operator’s SMSC to deliver a ubiquitous messaging experience. Users with an RCS app will be able to chat and share content with other RCS-enabled contacts and at the same time they will also be able to exchange SMS messages with all their other contacts who do not have an RCS app. The communications capabilities of the different contacts are discovered automatically and the selection of communication bearer (IP chat or SMS) is done seamlessly by the application.

The WIT Communication App Server also interfaces with any PSTN Gateway to enable the break-out of IP Voice calls to circuit-switched calls to non-RCS users. It also supports break-in of CS calls to IP and simultaneous ringing in multi-devices.

With this solution, Mobile Operators are able to interconnect RCS with legacy technologies (like SMS and CS voice calls) which gives them an unmatched position when compared with any OTT service (like WhatsApp, Viber or Line). This provides a seamless, low friction evolution path for Mobile Operators to introduce new, innovative and added-value IP services to their existing subscriber community in a way that builds on proven and widely trusted services like SMS.

Luis Silva, CEO of WIT Software said: “Until now, the adoption of RCS has been quite slow and too targeted for the early-adopters of the technology. In order to be successful, RCS cannot be an isolated communication service. With the solution we are announcing today we are able to provide a seamless integration of SMS and CS Voice with IP messaging and IP Voice. And we make this work across Android and iPhone smartphones, Tablets, PCs and Web browsers, with synchronization of messages across all these different devices. In essence, we have understood the key factors in the success of Apple iMessage, and created a telco-grade equivalent.

WIT will showcase this solution at Mobile World Congress in Hall 6, location 6C60, from February 24 through 27 in Barcelona, Spain.

For complimentary product images, please follow the link (https://files.wit- software.com/ fileshare/a44bf6c364ad7b8c…).

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