Why selecting a WordPress Genesis Designer is the right choice for your WordPress website?


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WILMINGTON, Del.June 25, 2016PRLog — WordPress turns 13 years old this year and is proudly powering 25% of the internet. It is no doubt that WordPress is the first choice of the website owners and developers alike. But having an out-of-the-box WordPress website doesn’t cut the ice for individuals or businesses. For the professional web presence, the website owners must hire a seasoned WordPress Genesis Designer.

There are several inherent benefits of hiring a professional WordPress Genesis Designer. An experienced genesis designer is well equipped with the tools and techniques of designing and building successful websites on WordPress (an easy to use CMS) and Genesis (a robust parent theme / theme framework).

The WordPress developers who work on premium frameworks are a class apart from other developers. They have a knack for building highly customized website solutions. They know how to take WordPress to the next level in the truest sense. And building custom WordPress website is their forte. Binary Turf is one of the outstanding web development agencieswhich stands out of the league as an expert WordPress Genesis Designer firm.

They have made several contributions to WordPress core community and have built exclusive themes and plugins for WordPress and Genesis.Going by the example and the level of expertise they offer to their clients, Binary Turf is the right choice for hiring as a WordPress Genesis Designeror for outsourcing any kind of WordPress websiterelated projects.

Coming back to the benefits of hiring a Genesis developer or designer, let’s go by the example set by successful WordPress web development agencies like Web Savvy Marketing, Bourne Creative and Binary Turf. Along with building a custom website powered by WordPress, they offer the following services which are essential for buildingsuccessful online presence:

Business Consultation: Their process of building custom websites start with a session on business consultation. This session enables them to understand every minute detail about the client’s business and the website project. After having an eagle’s view, they drill down to offering the solutions that work best for a given usage scenario. This is what sets them apart from rest of the crowd – their innate ability to offer high end solutions that work wonders for online businesses.

Active On-page SEO: In the process of building the website for the client, they are focused on building a strong foundationwhich is optimized for ranking better in SERPs. They pay keen attention on identifying the keywords which matter the most for the client and build the structure and content for the website around those keywords. This helps the businesses to take off at a great speed and gain momentum in much lesser time. So while others are just installing and configuring SEO plugins, these agencies focus on building a sound search optimized base with keywords, schema and Yoast SEO configurations in place.

Internet Marketing:A successful website is successful by the efforts that go into marketing it. So the real work starts after the website is launched. It needs a marketing boost and the term coined for marketing online is Internet Marketing. Publishing high value content, sharing the content over social media platforms, building easy to share and viral content like videos, infographics, cheat-sheets and so on is required to make an indelible mark for the brands. And for this one definitely need experienced and dedicated partner.

Performance Optimization: After the design and functionality of the website, the very next important thing is the performance of the website. Page speed, page loading times, caching, security, website review and audit all these play an important roles in making a business website successful. The web development agencies understand this and therefore offer services for regularly reviewing and auditing the website for the performance.

Training and Support:The proficient web development agencies build the website on WordPress in such a manner that it is easy even for the non-technical users to manage and update the website on ongoing basis. To accomplish this task, web developmentagencies have a training and support system in place.

The benefits of working with WordPress Genesis designers are manifold especially when they are operating as an agency and come highly recommended for custom WordPress websites and high-end web solutions.

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