Web Design Principles You Should Be Aware Of In 2016 – Key To Being Successful


The designing of your website is way more important for generating conversions; at least much more than what you may think.

DELHI, IndiaJune 3, 2016PRLog — The designing of your website is way more important for generating conversions; at least much more than what you may think. You might think of implementing any tactic to boost your conversion rate but if it doesn’t look nice, it won’t do much good to your website. Designing is not something which can only be done by web designers but designing is marketing too. Designing deals with your product and how it works. If you’re about to become a web designer with any Sydney firm, you need to follow the vital principles of designing. If you’re not sure about such principles, you may take a look at the concerns of this article.

1.      Prominent visuals will gain attention: If you’re a web designer, you should have noticed that visual hierarchy is one of the most vital principles to be followed in the web designing industry. Visuals that are prominent enough will always garner attention and this is the order in which the human eye perceives things. There are certain parts of your website which is more important than the others like the call to actions, forms and value propositions. Wouldn’t you want them to get more attention? Make important links even more prominent.

2.      Rank elements based on business objective: It is vital for you to rank elements on your website based on the objective of your business. When you don’t have a specific goal, you won’t know what to prioritize. Surf the web and rank the elements of your site consciously according to visual hierarchy.

3.      Principle of divine proportions: Golden ratio is a magical number 1.618 which makes all things that are proportioned to it look pleasing aesthetically, or so it is believed. Then you also have the Fibonacci sequence where each single term is considered as the sum of the two previous terms: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 and so on. Something that will surprise you is that there are 2 different unrelated topics which produce the same number. While famous sculptors have used the golden ratio, it is deemed that it can also be used for web designing. http://www.onlinepromotionuae.ae/

4.      Fitt’s Law: A Magento developer Sydneyand an optimizer from an SEO company India has said that the Fitt’s law determines the time that you need to move to the target area and it is the function of the distance to the target and the size of the target. In layman’s words, the bigger an object is and the closer it is to us, the easier it will be to use.

5.      Clean design and white space: White space is also called negative space or the portion of the page which is left empty. The space between margins, graphics, gutters, space between columns and the space between lines is all the negative space. With regards to WordPress website design, it is important for you to calculate the negative space so that the website doesn’t look too white.


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