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PRLogJune 24, 2015GRASS VALLEY, Calif. For home, work and play secure: Mission: Safest, Fastest, Lowest Data, Full HD Direct Social Messaging. Breakthrough: HD direct device encrypted full communications transport at 50%-80% lower data cost, 30-50% less battery use & 90% faster personal network control than current smartphone apps. Go faster, go direct, do more & pay less.

In 2009 Norm Towson, Ted Rybicki & our experienced team began self funding & building a new waite state less, direct connectivity internet protocol. Since then we have created & tested 19 soft processors & engines to accomplish the features below. We now seek testers, customers, investors & supporters to redefine the current expensive, slow, insecure smartdevice networking market.

Value: Secure Direct Full HD Call Chat Share, using Less Data than today!

Compared to: Now others use public delay & copy protocols which increase user data geometrically, cost users $ Billions & Billions are hacked every year.

Shipping: 2-5X Call Quality of iPhone or Skype (1/3 data cost, 1/3 less battery). All HD Call/text to 1 or 1000 friends at once in a room.  AES Encryption up to 512-bit, weapons grade (unbroken). Tested Modules: Text to 1400 Characters, Share any File (7X Faster). 60dB Video Chat signal using 20% less data and 50% less battery than iPhone <40dB. Share Play & DVR Inline as your talk or chat. Burn Message, wipe clean after render.

If you are interested in an opportunity to disrupt the smartphone & carrier markets, we need your support. Seeking CrowdFunding, Equity Investors & Donors to Launch upgrades for Windows, Android and iPhone.

Windows Downloads available free at vovie.com. Contact below for Android

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