VOVIE : 33% Funded 1st 24 Hours @indiegogo! Secure VPN, Lowest Cost, Team HD Phone & All App!


Direct Secure Cost-Less HD Connections!

CINCINNATI & GRASS VALLEY, Calif.Oct. 6, 2015PRLog — VOVIE brings secure AES Unbroken Encryption, Cost-less Full HD audio and video direct communications to people. Simple, straight, direct connections, instant Text, Share Play; Videos, Movies, Photos, and more. Compatible with Microsoft, Apple, Android, IBM, SAP, Oracle, and other files. VOVIE is faster, lower data cost, longer battery life and the highest resolution. Check: https://goo.gl/ XBkhhJ

Problem: Did you know? ISP’s, regulators, spies & hackers are copying your private information, and their protocols are inside your devices? They send your information to remote servers, locate you, and copy your personal data. They access and mine your communications. Did you know their copies drop YOUR signal quality, and increase YOUR data cost 50% to 80%? This process uses 30% to 50% more of your battery power.

Solution: Go direct, Go faster, Go higher resolution, and lower your data cost while using, end to end unbroken AES encryption over mobile connections. VOVIE injects smart software signal processors, engines, and advanced audio/video codec’s into your device. VOVIE’s uses, Artificial Intelligence (AI), plug and play, No Wait State, Full HD Direct internet connections. VOVIE gives your friends, your families and your colleagues the best possible communications experience.

Take a look https://goo.gl/ XBkhhJ

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