Vacation-Workshop In Hawaii – Using Google SuperVote to Create the Super States of America


PRLog (Press Release)May 2, 2014SANTA CRUZ, Calif. Announcing a Vacation-Workshop In Hawaii July 9 – July 11, 2014 to establish how to Use Google Super Vote to Create The Super States of America.

Author Michael Mathiesen will lead the seminar and be picking leaders to take this message back to their individual companies and communities.

Mr. Mathiesen’s new book “Using Google Super Vote to Create The Super States of America” is a detailed plan that demonstrates how to use the latest Internet Voting technology to save this country and later the world.  This event will present the attendee with a front row seat view of the beginning of a new USA, one that utilizes the power of the Internet to pick more qualified candidates for office as well as more qualified ideas for this nation to pursue.  Plus an added benefit of a Profit Participation in the new Economic Model.

Google Super-Vote is used currently to choose the viewer’s favorite contestants to be the next American Idol. We can use this same Internet Technology to select from a wider range of candidates and a wider range of ideas.

“I became interested in real democracy in America when I was asked by President Nixon to join his highly immoral and unethical and highly destructive military machine and participate in the horror known as Viet Nam. It was this most perplexing moment in his life that made me realize there had to be a better way to conduct the affairs of what I and many millions of other people all over the world considered to be the greatest country of all time.”  Mr. Mathiesen stated.

This book is a product of that life-long quest to make this country honor the promise of Real Democracy and to end the Monarchical system we have unfortunately dissolved into.

“Everyone I knew, millions of Americans, were protesting against this war. Yet, one man, Lyndon Johnson and then his successor Richard Nixon defied the will of the vast majority of American people and decided to have his little war despite public opinion, citing ‘The Silent Majority’,” he stated.

“According to Nixon, most people supported him by their silence. Until the invention of the Internet, we had no voice, so they could consider us a ‘Silent Majority’ and much of the evil in this world is perpetrated even today under this banner,” he continued.

“With Google Super-Vote and the rest of the Internet’s wonderful technology the MAJORITY need not, nor can be silent any longer,” he said.

Google is perhaps the single greatest influence on our lives in the past few years more so than any other single entity. Recently Google has ventured into Immortality, Electric cars that drive themselves, Fiber-Optics, TV, movies, music and much more that they’re not even telling us.  Why not allow this amazing group of talented and highly innovative engineers re-design our system of government so that America can once again regain her former glory as the best and most beloved nation on Earth?

Google’s corporate motto is ‘Do No Evil’. And, though, this motto expresses, a highly un-ambitious approach, at least they strive to do no harm every day. With Google making the Super-Vote technology available to all of the voting public in America today, they will be able to change their motto to ‘Do Lots of Good’ which is a far more beneficial approach.

Why don’t they let us use Google Super-Vote RIGHT NOW on things like how to CUT the National Debt so that it doesn’t bankrupt us? Or how to create more JOBS? How to get all our troops out of Afghanistan.  How about abolishing Lobbyists, Foreign Aid, the IRS. Imagine the possibilites!

Today, we don’t have a democracy and in actuality, we have a Monarchy.  The President thinks he is the King of this country and all the rest of us are his servants.  Proof is that he spends over 100 Billion dollars of OUR MONEY to spy on us.  Who else but a paranoid, power-hungry monarch would resort to such tactics to suppress his people?  And when George W. Bush was asked to do something about rising Gas prices, he said, “Let them eat cake.”

We fought a very important Revolutionary War to get ourselves as far away from Kings and Queens as we possibly could, and yet, 200 years later, we find ourselves right back where we started.  We don’t need another Revolutionary War to get back to our democratic principles and foundation, because Google gave us the clear path forward.  We must all get together now to learn how to use it.  This seminar will establish real running tracks on that path.  Bring your running shoes.

This gathering is for anyone who is a true patriot and a true lover of freedom and democracy and who wants to see this country on the right footing once again.  Using Google SuperVote, we can accomplish everything the Founding Fathers of this great nation intended for us and we can do it about five minutes, if we can all do our part.

Read my new book first, and then decide if you’d like to be part of the New Founding of the next version of America, what I call America 2.0.

Using Google Super Vote to Create The Super States of America

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