TVS Television Network Launches TVS Radio and Records Micro Channel Featuring Radio into TV Shows


PRLogJune 19, 2015CANTIL, Calif. TVS Television Network has launched the TVS Radio and Records Micro Channel on their 72 Micro Channel TVS Nostalgia Network service on Daily Motion.Com. Many TV shows were originally radio shows before they made the move to TV in the first decade of that then new medium.

TVS versions of such radio standards as Cisco Kid, Ozzie and Harriet, Terry and the Pirates, Joe Palooka, Lights Out!, Suspense, Jack Benny Show, Best of Groucho Marx, The Great Gildersleeve, Red Skelton, Burns and Allen, Boston Blackie and dozens of other such shows can now be seen free on the TVS Nostalgia Network.

TVS Nostalgia Network is available free to view on an ad supported video on demand basis. To watch the TVS Radio and Records Micro Channel go to tvsglobalmedia

Other TVS Micro Channels on the TVS Nostalgia Network include classic sports, entertainment, music, westerns, game shows, and other TV genres. Show are from the first 40 years of broadcast TV, 1947-1986.

The TVS Television Network is the fourth oldest commercial broadcast TV network in the USA. Founded in 1960, TVS has produced and distributed sports, music, and entertainment  TV programming for 55 years.

TVS is located in Cantil, CA, which is between Las Vegas and Hollywood. TVSproduces 250 new shows yearsly for broadcast, cable, IPTV, OTT, home video and mobile platforms. TVS also distributes it’s 10,000 episode TVS Classic Sports Library and it’s 10,000 title Classic TV Library on all platforms on both ad supported and subscription platforms.

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