Throw Out Your Phonebook and go to NetSearch411


PRLog (Press Release)Mar. 14, 2014 Approximately twice each year, you can hear the sounds of a dinosaur landing on your front doorstep.  No, it’s not a prehistoric creature, it’s the bi-annual edition of the phone book.  With the invention of people search on the Internet, we rarely use this ancient form of finding a person’s phone number.  The phone book is so frequently thrown in the garbage, several major metropolitan areas are having difficulty handling the overload during phone book distribution time. Approximately 840,000 tons of phone books are being thrown away each year. Recently, city government officials in Seattle, Washington are charging the phone company a hefty $ 125 per phone book for the delivery of unwanted phone books.  So, where is everyone going when they want to find a person’s phone number ( if not the phone book?  With the popularity of cell phones, data plans on cell phones and the great accuracy of free people searches, its as easy as clicking a button on your phone.  However, there’s just one problem with Google’s phone number search… it cannot nor will it probably ever be able to locate someone’s cell phone number.  Due to the privacy laws governing cell phone number searches, most free cell phone search ( ) options do not return the person’s full name and location. However, the new clean and simple free people search at NetSearch411 is providing an amazing solution to this problem with incredibly accurate  results. is now providing a solution to find someone’s cell phone number that even the old dinosaur phone books cannot provide. is a new way to “crowd source” cell phone numbers and email addresses with the incredible accuracy of none other than the users themselves. members providing their cell phone numbers and email addresses for submission to the database are given the choice to filter their information with the option to keep private cell phone numbers private until they authorize the release to the specific individual conducting the people search.  People across the nation are connecting in ways never before possible as they are now able to reach out and text someone with the free personal cell phone people search at  No fees, credit card numbers, or offers need to be completed to be eligible for a lifetime of free people searches.  Simply enter your cell phone number and email address for a “free for life” membership with the promise that information you wish to keep private will remain private and will never be sold to others.  All of this without the clutter of a white pages  phone book taking up space in an empty cupboard and never used  again.  Go to and reach out and text someone with a free people search that includes up-to-date and accurate cell phone number and email address information.

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