TheSSLMart Launches HTTPS SSL Certificate As Low As $4.95/year for Facebook Apps & Personal Blogging Website


TheSSLMart, an official partner of a major SSL security certificate authority, is officially launching its services to all customers needing SSL security solutions for their personal blog website, Facebook Apps, ecommerce shopping cart as well as for their exchange mail server.

Protect Your Customer Sensitive Data with SSL Certificate HTTPS Padlock

GEORGETOWN, MalaysiaJune 28, 2016PRLog — is officially launched with a massive discount on SSL certificates, up to 90%, with a wide range of SSL website security certificate solutions for different web purpose usages such as Facebook application SSL, personal blog and intranet websites as well as SSL for mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange & the famous Green Address Bar EV SSL for ecommerce enabled websites.

With the rise of Web 2.0 and social networking, ensuring the safety and security of the information transmitted via the browser and server becomes a crucial point of concern. People are spending more time online and logged in, and they are communicating more than just their credit card. The use of SSL encryption is a common way to ensure data confidentiality between websites and user connections. Sensitive data transferred via web traffic – account access and login details, emails and messages, checkout pages, online banking transactions and the like – is safest when secured with an SSL certificate. The use of an SSL certificate is a sustainable competitive advantage for businesses that are serious about protecting their customer data online and to boost the SEO ranking of their websites as announced by Google last year.

Today, it is estimated that more than 4.5 million sites are using SSL certificates issued to help protect websites which collect sensitive information such as logins and credit card numbers. This number continues to grow strong as more and more websites become self-aware of how important enabling ‘HTTPS’ is for their website.

“Our aim is to help all website and store owners be able to enjoy and buy the same SSL Certificate offered by a certificate authority at a price cheaper than the retail price with the concept of ‘Same Cert, Same Brand, Cheaper Price‘,” says Andrew Low – CMO of TheSSLMart.

Protect your visitors’ sensitive information by enabling an HTTPS SSL padlock for your website from as low as $ 4.95/yr at

About TheSSLMart
Founded in the year 2015, TheSSLMart aims to help all website and store owners be able to buy the same SSL Certificate offered by the same trusted certificate authority at a massively discounted price.


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