The Tale of The Princess Kaguya Official US Release Trailer #1 (2014) – Studio Ghibli Film HD


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The Tale of The Princess Kaguya Official US Release Trailer #1 (2014) – Studio Ghibli Film HD

An old man makes a living by selling bamboo. One day, he finds a princess in a bamboo. The princess is only the size of a finger. Her name is Kaguya. When Kaguya grows up, 5 men from prestigious families propose to her. Kaguya asks the men to find memorable marriage gifts for her, but the 5 men are unable to find what Kaguya wants. Then, the Emperor of Japan proposes to her.

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  1. My heart just sank..  beautiful art, worth watching. Studio Ghibli thank you for letting me grow up with you. <3

  2. Does this remind anyone of the Mushi-Shi episode where the man fell in love with a woman who only survived on water from a tree and there child would be born as a sprout? I'm not trying to say they took they idea because it is obvious this story has been told for a very verrrrrry long time.

  3. I was in my bedroom one day watching The boxtrolls and this movie trailer came up. I thought the movie looked good so I searched it on YouTube and found this same trailer so I knew there would be comments on the video and I wanted to see other peoples opinion on the movie. When everyone in the comment section said it was a great movie I thought I want to see this! But it is going to be awful hard for me to find it :-(


    Usually when movie trailers are tagged with more review time than actual movie time the film isn't as good as it is made out to be. Mediocre. 

  5. เพิ่งมีโอกาสได้ดู เรื่องนี้ สนุกดีนะครับ

    จะว่าไปมันเข้าข่าย พ่อแม่รังแกฉัน ทั้งสองฝั่งเลย

    ฝั่งโลกพระจันทร์ เหมือนรู้ "สันดานมนุษย์" เลย ส่ง เสื้อผ้า และเงินทองมาให้ ตายาย

    ฝั่งตายาย (เฉพาะ ตา ดีกว่า) ก็คิดว่านี่แหละคือความสุขของลูกสาว ก็ยัดเยียดเข้าไป โดยไม่สนความคิดของลูกสาวเลย

    "ทันทีที่พ่อได้สวมหมวกเป็นข้าหลวง ลูกจะฆ่าตัวตายในทันที"

    สะใจบทพูดตรงนี้มาก กระนั้น คุณพ่อ ก็เหมือนจะสตั้นไป เท่านั้นเอง

    ปล. เรื่องมันเศร้านะฮะ เนี่ย !

  6. This is one of the most beautiful BEAUTIFUL animated master pieces of a film I haven't in cinema for a LONG time. With all the garbage CGI films made in America mostly to sell crap, way to commercialized, trying desperately to be "funny" with celebrity/pop culture references and will easily be dated in a few years, this film is just such a classical, timeless, wonderful breath of mystical natural fresh air.  The story being hundreds of years old is told in much a surprisingly down to earth way for a fairy tale. Everything feels so natural to the lovely watercolor landscapes to the characters themselves to their movements and their interactions with each other.

    Everything flows so beautifully along with Joe's always beautiful and whimsical music!! It takes such great advantage of the fact that it's a fairy tale. For those who want constant exposition, hyper reasoning to anything mysterious that goes on in a film don't watch this because it's not the films focus and should NOT be. 

    This is a MUST SEE for all Studio Ghibli fans and for anyone wanting to feast themselves their eyes and ears to immense quality and beauty of animation, music and storytelling!!

  7. Aaah… mexico… why don't you buy this movie to watch it in theathers!!!! …… I hate my country because of this….

  8. Honestly, I don't mind the animation. It is pretty, and obviously took a long time to draw. But personally it seems more apt for an animated short. Don't get me wrong; like I said its very good, but I feel other styles portray a bit more dimension.

  9. This work is a masterpiece. The "making of" documentary is also enthralling. 日本の映画は本当に美しくて素敵な作品ですね!

  10. I cannot believe all those people saying this is terrible and lazy! Do you guys KNOW how hard sketched animation is!? I've been practicing with this kind of animation for a good 6 years, and am nowhere near mastering it. This movie style is absolutely stunning. Its simplistic style is years of work, and doesn't look "Lazy" to me.

    This film was purposely made this way to reflect the elegant style of old painted Asian art. I see this, and it's like looking at an old Asian folktale literally being brought to life. I'd give anything to be able to produce something as breathtaking as this. As an amateur animator, I hope to reach even half the skill it takes to make something like this.

    I know everyone has their own opinions. But I think a person must be blind to not see the hard work, time, and effort put into this. The different style used in this film is one of a kind~

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