The SETI Anthology Kickstarter Project Just Established


PRLog (Press Release)Jan. 30, 2014PRESCOTT, Ariz. With the spring release of book number three in the SETI Trilogy, Author Frederick Fichman has initiated a Kickstarter to crowdfund a marketing campaign for the anthology of the complete SETI Trilogy series into one Anthology book. The marketing campaign should be able to provide more coverage and attention for the pending publication.

In 1990 science fiction novel “SETI” was published by the ROC imprint of New American Library, Penguin USA publishing company for U.S. distribution. “SETI” was subsequently published by Headline Press in London for distribution to the U.K., Canada and Australia. Book two in the Trilogy, “SETI, The Journey” was written after publication of “SETI” and now book three, “SETI, Conception is currently in work and will be published soon. As with books one and two, “SETI, Conception” will be available on Amazon Kindle, BarnesandNoble Nook, KOBO Books and the Apple iBookstore.

Author Fichman now has two dozen books on Kindle with more manuscripts in the pipeline. His next novel will be a fantasy novel about the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1804. Mr. Fichman also has a 12-volume book series, “Visit the Zoo” containing photographs and thumbnail sketches with background information of over 120 zoo animals. That series of books is a perfect travelling docent for children, young adults and adults that can be downloaded to any smartphone or tablet.

Author Fichman’s website can be found at:

Author Fichman’s Kickstarter Project site can be found at: 1b0EBNI

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