The New Datapolis Process System: Better Understanding Of Your Business Processes


PRLogJune 22, 2015WARSAW, Poland Datapolis has released the new edition of Datapolis Process System, a platform for modeling and managing processes with SharePoint workflows. The 4.2 release of the Datapolis core product introduces a new comments layer in the workflow designer, generators of workflow history and documentation, and a new licensing system for partner companies.

Paweł Bujak, Datapolis President: “With the new release of Datapolis Process System we want to bridge the next gap in collaboration between developers and business process designers. Business users can now precisely state their intentions using the new comments functionality and transfer that ideas to developers, and vice versa. You do not longer need to guess what a workflow part does – comments explain it all.”

The comments layer in the new release introduces comment boxes that can be attached to states, actions, and the whole workflow schema. Workflows that use that functionality are more readable and reflect an intuitive, human way of designing processes. You can add, delete, or modify comments at any time when you model a workflow. As other users know the intention of the workflow author there is more room for collaboration and less for misunderstanding.

Other improvements of the 4.2 release include workflow documentation generator, XML parsing functions and workflow history generator. The documentation generator reads through a workflow sequence, processes all the states and actions, and lists them all with users responsible for them in the single document. The documentation created that way is ready for reporting and compliance  and can be advantageous when transferring a job post or a project to another person. Workflow history generator saves history of a workflow instance as a clear table with basic information. The table can be used as an attachment to an electronically approved document or stored for archiving and regulatory purposes. Finally, the new XML functions allow for direct integration with XML databases and collecting data from there.

For the partner companies Datapolis developed a new licensing system for creating custom, distributable SharePoint solutions based on Datapolis workflows. With that technology Datapolis partners, instead of developing their own licensing system, can create solution templates including SharePoint and Datapolis elements, create redistributable products based on those templates and license the product. Licenses include one-time licenses, subscription plans, licenses for multiple products, and dependent licenses (maintenance, developer licenses).

Datapolis Process System is available for testing as a fully functional 30-day trial. You can find more information on

About Datapolis Process System

Datapolis Process System is  the worldwide-used platform to model, implement, manage, and evolve process-driven applications in SharePoint. A readable drag & drop process designer, a simple forms builder and a central administration module allow administrators to build and manage workflows, set up clear permission structures and monitor workflow performance. It is available in two editions: Workflow Edition supports existing applications, while Application & Workflow Edition enables building new ones and provides advanced administration options.

About Datapolis

Datapolis develops user-friendly and flexible solutions for SharePoint environments which support dynamic processes, information and document flows in medium and large enterprises globally. Since its inception in 2001 the company has focused on strategic cooperation with Microsoft and is at the moment Microsoft Gold Partner in Application Development and Collaboration and Content. Datapolis is a member of Passus Group, a supplier of solutions for IT, networks, and radio communication. Follow us at @datapolis.

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