THE LITTLE PRINCE – Official International Trailer #2 (2015) Animated Fantasy Movie HD

872 – The Little Prince – Official International Trailer #2 (2015) Animated Fantasy Movie HD

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  1. To meaningful friends, and those masters who mirror lessons during growth, development, life.

  2. I read the book in French class, and we all cried throughout the story. Now that we saw both the French and this trailer, all the feels are returning :')

  3. Great another "get in touch with your inner child movie" ,that's what we need in this world.How about all of you get in touch with your outer f*cking adult .

  4. The book really made me cry. But with the little girl here in the movie, I think I'll cry even harder. I'll never look at the stars the same way again :<

  5. Ο Μικρός Πρίγκηπας στη μεγάλη οθόνη κι ας ελπίζουμε σε όλο και περισσότερα ράφια…

  6. O man I have a bad feeling the Jeff Brigdes character will die at the end, this movie seems like a tear jerker :,(

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