The Innovia Group announces Name Change


PRLog (Press Release)Mar. 19, 2014BROOKLYN, N.Y. The Innovia Group ushers in a new era for the organization,  while keeping true to its core themes and ideals of providing industry leading IT Services and adaptive, innovative, quality solutions for its clients.

Robert Brissett, Innovia’s founder and CEO says, “The organization remains rooted in the values of our founding but hopes to forge a new path with its own brand and with its own identity.”

With the addition of the name change, the Innovia Group has also redesigned their logo.  Floyd Mitchell, Innovia’s Chief Marketing Officier spearheaded the effort. Floyd says, “We wanted a logo that was in tune with our past vision, but that clearly reflects our forward movement as an organization” .  Innovia kept many of its previous logo’s color schemes understanding the importance of showing reverence to past experience.

By changing the name to The Innovia Group, the organization is able to better communicate the core services and beliefs of the organization from that of their founder.  Robert Brissett mentioned, “The new name represents the evolution of the organization and its ability to define a unique culture and brand for itself.”

The Innovia Group is excited about this upcoming year and will be moving the organization forward with the launch of the new website,

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