The easiest ROI booster most entrepreneurs miss


The habit that boosts ROI

TORONTOMay 18, 2016PRLog — Brent Lowe, coach and advisor to entrepreneurs, CEOs, business leaders, and their teams, highlights a simple habit that leaders can use to boost team performance.

Lowe released a blog post earlier this week titled The easiest ROI booster most entrepreneurs miss. The post challenges entrepreneurs to experiment with an ROI booster for four weeks and see what happens.

Brent Lowe writes, “From day one of starting a business, so much entrepreneurial mind share goes to figuring out ROI. Every dollar counts. You start hiring people. Their salary is cash out of your pocket. When they screw up, it costs you.”

About Brent Lowe:

Brent is the trusted business and psychology expert that entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business leaders call when they need to add fuel to their personal performance and that of their teams.  He helps his clients be the leaders they want to be and build high ROI teams.  For more information visit (

The blog post can be found at: the-easiest- roi-booster- that-most-entrepreneurs- miss/


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